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The future is now and we’re the generation that must act

Often we hear experts say that the problems we’re ignoring today in regards to our out of control spending and entitlement programs will one day need to be addressed by some future generation.  We hear that we’re enslaving our children with a massive amount of debt and it’s immoral.  I’m here to tell you that the future is now and we’re that generation.  Government programs like Social Security and Medicare were created to address perceived coverage problems for senior citizens in the 1930s and in 1960s.  Both faced opposition.

Social Security was viewed by many as an unconstitutional government overreach when it was signed into law in 1935 by FDR.  This was a transformative time for America with FDR’s “New Deal” in full swing.  Many questioned the logic behind passing such a controversial social program in a period when Americans were more concerned about the economy and getting back to work than social reform.  I’m convinced that if Roosevelt would have lost the 1936 election Social Security would have been repealed.   Instead he won the next three elections and it permitted the Social Security program to take root.  Fast forward to today we see the same thing with Obamacare.  If President Obama gets reelected, Obamacare will have an opportunity to take root and it will never go away; no matter now destructive and unpopular it is.

Medicare faced similar opposition; however the opposition came from the AMA.  In 1912 the seed for government sponsored health insurance was planted by the progressives.  By 1920 the progressivism of the early 1900s had left a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans.  They viewed the policies of the progressives as intrusive in regards to personal liberties.  Back then Americans knew what real liberty felt like and they were selfish with it.   In fact there was no real push for government sponsored health insurance until Harry S. Truman took office.  This time it was the AMA that opposed any government effort to stick its nose in the medical arena.  When President Eisenhower won the Presidency in 1953 he wanted nothing to do with government sponsored health insurance and from 1953 to 1961 there wasn’t much of a push for it.  Medicare didn’t gain its legs again until John F. Kennedy was elected.  President Kennedy succeeded in getting Medicare back on the radar and it was only after his assassination that Lyndon B. Johnson felt like he could push it through.  The public was not only stunned by the assignation of JFK, but also very sympathetic towards issues that his administration tried push forward; government sponsored insurance was on the top of the list.  Sensing he had public wind at his back, Lyndon B. Johnson made Medicare a top priority and in 1965 signed Medicare into law in Independence, Missouri.  Harry Truman attended the signing ceremony.  From that day forward the government had their foot in the door in the medical industry.

Source: Social Security Online

Both Social Security and Medicare were created under the pretext that there was a problem in regards to providing a financial security blanket for senior citizens in their retirement years.  Like many entitlement programs the true benefit of having such programs could not be measured in the short term, their benefits could only measured using some abstract long term formula.  Well let’s take a look at how the long term has worked out.  First off Social Security has been operating in the red since 2010.  Basically it’s paying out more than it’s taking in.  Main funding for both programs come from trust funds that are paid for with payroll taxes; however both have unfunded liabilities totaling over $97 trillion.  Add in the prescription drug plan and the total U.S. unfunded liabilities shoots up to $117 trillion.  That’s a $1 million liability per each citizen.  In 2010 Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid/Chip accounted for 41 percent of our spending.  Those are some sobering and scary numbers.  Think about it, we’re each on the hook for a million dollars in unfunded liabilities.  Just how do we plan to pay that off?  Folks welcome to the future and we’re the generation that’s left hold this bag filled with crap.

We are that future generation we’re all talking about.  We are the generation facing the very real possibility of insolvency as a nation.  We are the generation who is witnessing the financial suicide of our nation.  Our national debt is now a 100 percent of GDP and rising.  Instead of cutting spending our elected officials continue to irresponsibly run up the tab.  There is no more kicking the can down the road.  These are the hard facts that we need to come to terms with.  We must elect people this November who are willing and have the political courage to address the serious problems we face.  If we have RINOs that need to go, then it’s time for them to go.  If we have establishment types who are unwilling to make the hard choices, then it time for them to go.  If we want Obamacare repealed then no matter who our nominee is, it’s time for Obama to go.  There are viable alternatives to Social Security out there.  There is a way to get Medicare costs down.  There are indeed solutions out there; we just need to start talking about them.

It’s time to stand up and reform these entitlement programs.  It’s time to roll back the progressive clock and save our nation.  It’s time for us to choose before we no longer have a choice.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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