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DHS Not Investigating #Occupy, but IRS Clobbers Tea Party?

If you recall, the advent of the Tea Party caused quite an uproar in statist circles. MIAC, and then DHS, declared us all “DANGEROUS TERRORISTS. Conservative bloggers, myself included, noted that we were being frequently visited by DHS. Even though there were no terror plots, and that the protests were peaceful, the Tea Parties were accused of “racism,” and terrorism. Even when they left the protest sites cleaner than they found them, they were presented as the most dangerous movement in all of human history.

Then, last October, Occupy Wall Street started. With open statements of anti-Semitism, calls for violent revolution, millions of dollars in damages and vandalism, assaults, rapes, child molestation, child prostitution, manufacture of IED’s, assaults on police officers, flying the flags of terrorist groups, drug use, drug sales, stockpiling of human waste for use as a weapon, Occupy was the Anti-Tea Party. However, as our VRWC mate, Wyblog, points out, there is a sharp contrast in how our government is dealing with both movements…

DHS, IRS told to avoid monitoring #Occupy, but focus intently on Tea Party

The Department of Homeland Security “struggled” to avoid monitoring any #Occupy groups, for fear they might tread on someone’s civil rights.

Internal Documents Show the Department of Homeland Security Tried Pretty Hard Not to Monitor Occupy Wall Street

The Department of Homeland Security struggled to avoid monitoring or suppressing the Occupy Wall Street movement last year, despite being bombarded with requests from various federal agencies for intelligence on the protests, according to documents released via the Freedom of Information Act.

The documents show that officials in DHS’s offices of Intelligence Analysis and Civil Rights and Civil Liberties were keenly aware of the legal and constitutional issues raised by federal agencies monitoring political protesters, and sought to tamp down the appetite for intelligence on the Occupy protesters from their colleagues in DHS and other federal agencies that rely on DHS bulletins and intelligence.

Well, isn’t that a contrast? A group that calls for the extermination of the Jews, destroys property, pushes cops in front of buses, and a host of other offenses, get’s treated as an old friend by our would-be regressive masters, yet the peaceful Tea Party movement,on top of being accused of racism and terrorism, get’s a heaping helping of harassment by the IRS!

Because people who read the Constitution are a threat to the people who trample on the Constitution.

And if the DHS scrutiny wasn’t enough, the IRS is making sure us Tea Partyers get the message.

The American Center for Law and Justice has reported that the IRS is targeting the nonprofit tax status of Tea Party and liberty groups across the nation.

The IRS questionnaires are quite detailed containing pages of multi-step questions. The organizations have been given two weeks to complete the query. This short deadline would be tough for any organization, let alone all-volunteer groups.

Most of the questions are pointed and obnoxious, but fairly standard by IRS standards: Explain fundraising, explain outreach, explain volunteers, explain your relationship with another group.

Some of the questions are baffling and don’t identify anything of redeeming social value, meaning they seem geared to utilize organizational resources instead of supporting or refuting a tax status.

Examples of these include requests to provide a hard copy printout of web pages, list all issues of importance to the group, and outline any training completed by or presented to the organization in question.

Even better, the IRS is asking for information on the families of Tea Party members. Why? Is this North Korea where our children pose a threat to the regime?

Yes, it’s a transparently fraudulent world in which we live.


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