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Obama’s Inferno

Growing up in Northwest Montana, many of my friends worked for the Forest Service during the summer months to either remove old dead growth or to fight forest fires.  If there weren’t any fires to fight (there usually were), they would remove the old growth because that stuff just sits in the forest, dries out, and waits for a spark.  It all amounts to fuel waiting for a flame.  

The frustrating part was that environmental lefties from places like New Jersey were constantly fighting the Montana citizens in their efforts to remove the old growth.  The people of Montana saw the threat that it posed to their community, but  the environmentalist saw it as part of nature that shouldn’t be disturbed.  That is, until the forest fire came and burned down thousands of acres – then the environmentalists would use the fire to their advantage in pushing their agenda (“We shouldn’t be living in those forests anyway”). 

Now, consider today’s racial environment (in the midst of this post-racial administration).  The left has continuously fought to keep racial warfare alive in order that they can use it to their advantage…They keep the kindling well stocked, and when the time is opportune, they provide the spark.  The left constantly reminds black Americans about the racism that is still very real, very abrasive, and very damaging to their lifestyle.  Their canon proclaims racism as that which takes the crutch of the left away from those who are unable to stand without it.  In other words, black people can’t survive without the support of the left – and anyone who disagrees with that is racist. 

This stance, of course, escapes reason.  The left has become to black America a new kind of master – one that, when absolute liberty becomes available, replaces the metal shackles on its servants with the mental shackles of fear and uncertainty.   Many have fallen victim to the same outcome as the freedmen after the Confiscation Act of 1862 – as dependent on the Federal government as they had been their masters prior to their new found “freedom”.  They’ve run to open arms that are just as willing to use them for their purposes. 

Well, their work is now being called upon.  All those years of built up resentment toward an entity that doesn’t exist; a theoretical racist white man who takes on the form of politicians, cops, and power that want nothing more than to take from the black man and abuse him.   It all sits, idle, waiting for an opportune spark.  The left saw their Health Care bill crashing, their numbers shrinking, their voices failing and needed something…a flicker of hope, an ember of strength, an ignition.

A boy is dead, a terrible and unfortunate outcome to an event that we know very little about – but a potential spark to light the left’s old growth.  Now fan the flames and watch it spread out of control, without reason, absent of consideration, and raging with violence and ferocity.  Witness its damages, note its destruction, examine its chaos, discern the pain it brings while it burns bright and let all other matters of concern slip away. 

I bet you thought Teeing Up was going today – Well…April Fools!


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