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AGW Alarmist Compares Reality to Racism, Wants it Categorized as a Mental Illness: Where Have we Heard That Before?

History always repeats itself. And when statists are bent on acquiring power, or then keeping it, they can’t allow something like facts get in the way. So, they have to be creative when attacking truth. Since reality blows the narrative out of the water, they can do nothing with it, so, they attack those that advocate or present the truth. The idea is simple, if someone presents facts that run counter to the narrative, smear them, so no one will pay attention to the facts. Here is the latest example comes from Professor Kari Norgaard, via The GateWay Pundit…

Professor Kari Norgaard, from the University of Oregon, has labeled an entire population of people who think for themselves… racists. But, it’s even more absurd than that. If you reject the junk data, corruption, and blatant grab for power that is the Green Movement she wants you diagnosed with a disease. And treated.

Via Bluegrass Pundit, The Register reports,

Scepticism regarding the need for immediate and massive action against carbon emissions is a sickness of societies and individuals which needs to be “treated”, according to an Oregon-based professor of “sociology and environmental studies”. Professor Kari Norgaard compares the struggle against climate scepticism to that against racism and slavery in the US South.

According to an Oregon uni statement announcing the paper:

Resistance at individual and societal levels must be recognized and treated

“This kind of cultural resistance to very significant social threat is something that we would expect in any society facing a massive threat,” [Norgaard] said.

The discussion, she said, is comparable to what happened with challenges to racism or slavery in the U.S. South.’

Of course, this type of thing has happened before, pricipally in the former Soviet Union. I discussed that back in March of 2010….

Psychology Today Blogger Channels Psikhushka

One of the many abuses of human rights in the Soviet Union was the use of psychiatric treatment for people that did nothing more than disagree with the state and communist party. Diagnosed with “Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia,” dissidents were subjected to forced treatments, that, when exposed to the world, caused universal condemnation.

Here is a description of the “treatment” of dissidents.

In the Soviet Union, psychiatry was used for punitive purposes. Psychiatric hospitals were often used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally; as such they are considered a form of torture.

The official Soviet psychiatry allegedly abused the diagnosis of sluggishly progressing schizophrenia (??????????? ??????????), a special form of the illness that supposedly affects only the person’s social behavior, with no trace of other traits: “most frequently, ideas about a struggle for truth and justice are formed by personalities with a paranoidstructure,” according to the Moscow Serbsky Institute professors (a quote [4] from Vladimir Bukovsky‘s archives). Some of them had high rank in the MVD, such as the infamous Danil Luntz, who was characterized by Viktor Nekipelov as “no better than the criminal doctors who performed inhuman experiments on the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps[4] .

The sane individuals who were diagnosed as mentally ill were sent either to regular psychiatric hospitals or, those deemed particularly dangerous, to special ones, run directly by the MVD. The treatment included various forms of restraint, electric shocks, electromagnetic torture, radiation torture, entrapment, servitude, a range of drugs (such as narcotics, tranquilizers, and insulin) that cause long lasting side effects, and sometimes involved beatings. Nekipelov describes inhuman uses of medical procedures such as lumbar punctures.

At least 365 sane people were treated for “politically defined madness” in the Soviet Union, and there were surely hundreds more [4] .

Note the emphasized section. People that were concerned with truth and justice were determined to be mentally ill. How many Americans, therefore, would be diagnosed with “Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia?”

I guess that they’re just modifying it to reflect the need to smear anyone who see’s the modern environmental movement as a power grab. Of course, they’ve changed the narrative, from global cooling, to global warming, to global climate disruption. And, at every stage of the process, the science is settled, until, that is, they decide to change the narrative. But, once again, recognizing that is akin to racism, and needs to be treatment. Maybe they can create “camps” where these poor people that follow reality can be “treated?” Come to think of it, maybe they can call them, “Gulags!”


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