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Are Conservative Bloggers Being Targeted?

Recently, there have been reports of people using the identity of Conservative bloggers, and attempting to ruin their credibility. Zilla has her experience here…

Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, as well. If you see something that appears to have come from me but is totally out of character for me to say, know that it is in all likelihood, NOT ME, but a leftist troll who thinks a campaign of personal destruction against a person who is fighting serious and potentially fatal illness is a good and proper thing to do.

Then, one of Zilla’s online friends, Lisa Graas, is also experiencing something similar…

The Lonely Conservative has seen this as well.

The uncivil progressives aren’t satisfied with simply leaving negative comments on this site. Now they’ve taken my email address and signed me up for all sorts of interesting reading. Most children aren’t this petty and immature.


Sex Toys Buzz

Atheism Rising

Atheists United

Richard Dawkins

Atheist Revolution


This isn’t anything that is necessarily new. It’s the Alinksy Method translated onto the internet. It’s about taking a target, freezing it, and personalizing it. When you can’t bus 500 thugs to someone’s house to scare their children, perhaps the next best option is to have a few trolls impersonate them. We have to remember, at all times, that we are dealing with people that cannot process reality. Not only that, they have an aggressive reaction to facts, and tend to attack those that discuss the truth. Then, add to that the fact that for them, the ends justify the means, and that they are, shall we say, morally deficient, and it’s easy to see why they would impersonate others.

There is also a pragmatic reason for leftists to do this. If they are freezing a target, the target is not doing what they normally do, or not doing it as effectively. When one has to devote time to defending themselves, they haven’t the time to do what they do best. It also, if carried on for a long time, tends to wear down the resistance of targets. Some might buy into the false flag operation, causing mistrust. And, it might actually cause their target to give up and stop speaking out. Of course, that is the intent of the leftists, as reality goes against the narrative, and therefore, it must be discredited or eliminated where ever it can be transmitted.

This is no different that the 2008 Democratic primaries, during which the Obama Campaign had paid trolls going into the forums run by the Clinton Campaign. These trolls posed as Hillary supporters, but created dissension in the ranks, reducing the effectiveness of her supporters. In fact, it isn’t all that different from when lefty group sent people to Tea Party events to make racist comments, so Think Progress could post videos of it. Think of it as the “cognitive infiltration” proposed by Cass Sunstein.

The ability to communicate and disseminate true information is the basis for the ability to resist. That is why any totalitarian state limits and controls communication and information, our leftists are no different in that regard. The basis for controlling dissent is controlling information. Their worst enemy is reality, so suppressing that has to be a high priority. We see this regularly, with attempts to control talk radio, and to end talk radio. They also advocate for the elimination of FOX News, and others seek to ban free speech from the internet. Since these have failed, perhaps they are going to come after people personally, one-by-one. It wouldn’t be without precedent.

I hate to say it, but there is likely to be more and more of this. As the economy stagnates, gas prices rise, and prices continue to inflate, more distractions will be needed. And, the leftists are not going to want people exposing their distractions, and pointing out the failures of the administration. So, making it personal, and going after people that speak out is a viable means to silence people. Combine that with the fact that they have no moral center, and the leftists have an nearly unlimited number of options by which to harass, intimidate, and potentially silence anyone who opposes them.


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