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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (The ‘Buffett Rule’ edition)

You know what I’m sick of?  I’m sick of the President peddling his class warfare crap in an attempt to take the focus off the real problems that are hurting each and every America.  He doesn’t want us to focus on things like out of control government spending, unconstitutional actions by his administration, over regulation of our economy, monetizing our debt, the national debt, 8+ percent unemployment, and the rising cost of food and gasoline.  He doesn’t want us to focus on these things because when we do we will be able to connect the dots right back to his failed policies.

I wish people in America would take the time to do the research whenever he proposes something.  Take the ‘Buffett Rule’ for example. If people would just do a tiny bit of research and use a little common sense they would see through this populistic scam (Buffett Rule) Obama is promoting.  They would realize that it only raises about $5 billion a year and that’s less than one half of one percent of the deficit spending for this year.  When they crunch the numbers a little further they will discover that over the next 10 years it raises less than 0.1 percent of the $47 trillion Obama has proposed to spend in 2013. Peter Ferrara wrote a great article about this for Forbes a few days ago.  The below excerpt from the article explains why Warren Buffett supports the rich paying more.

The taxation of capital is like a trip on a toll road, where you have to pay $3.50 to get on the road, then $3.50 at a toll booth on the road, then a $1.50 toll to get off the road. Obama’s understanding of the tax code is like saying the toll for this trip is $1.50, which is somehow unfair to those who take the bus on the same route for a $3.50 total fare (assume the bus is exempt from the tolls). So he thinks the toll to get off the road should be $3.50 as well.

But Warren Buffett is more than happy with Obama’s proposals. That’s because his Berkshire Hathaway is effectively the largest tax shelter in the nation, partially shielding its investors precisely from the multiple taxation of capital. So raising tax rates sharply to make that multiple taxation far worse will just mean more customers for him. Buffett’s company is like a subway next to the road that only charges $1.50 total fare.

So as you can see maybe this has more to with President Obama’s allies benefiting once again from his actions than doing what’s right for America.  You can read the entire article here if you want to join the crowd of the informed and gain the knowledge to see through this scam that the President is pushing.  If the ‘Buffet Rule’ is passed the end result will be less money in the private sector, less jobs, and less capital to reinvest in a company and what this does is bring the rich down to the poor instead of breaking down government barriers that prevent the poor from achieving success to join the ranks of the rich.  It’s one of the bread and butter plays in the Marxist class warfare playbook and the uninformed fall for it every time.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of the people surveyed support the ‘Buffett Rule.’  This tells me we a lot of work to do to inform the people this is nothing more than wealth redistribution.  It is designed to sell them on the idea that the reasons things aren’t fair is because the rich are not paying their fair share.  The reality is that things aren’t fair because the government has created an environment by implementing regulations and policies that have built layers of bureaucracies that stifle growth and prevent the poor or the person with an idea from achieving success.  This is the simple truth that so many in this country fail to see.  It doesn’t help when the people in positions of trust promote the same failed Marxist concepts of the past, re-packaged as something new.

On to the LINKs.  Below are some links to some outstanding articles that promote free markets, limited government, the constitution, and most importantly the truth.  Please take a few moments to check them out and hit their tip jars if they have them.  They work hard each day to bring you the truth and expose the lies of the MSM.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

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Thanks for all the outstanding articles.  You guys are the heat.  Have a great week.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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