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The Department of Labor: Family traditions turned upside down

I was fortunate to grow up in the country.  My first paying job was working on a farm. From the time I was 14 until 16 years of age, I spent my summers rotating around the local area between three separate farms working for a couple of dollars an hour haying.  I was taught at a very young age that work meant something.  It was what men did to provide for their families.  Work was so important to my grandfather that his dying wish was when he passed on he would be wearing his work boots.   He believed that hard work was the foundation success was built on.   When I turned 16 I was hired to work on a township road crew; however I continued to work on part-time basis helping a local farmer until I graduated from high school.  I look back on those years with a deep appreciation for everything I learned about work and about life.

One of the farms I worked on was my uncle’s farm.  It was a small family farm two houses down the road from our house.  During the summer months it was always an all hands on deck family event when it was time to hay.  I worked side by side with my cousins loading 70 pound small round bales of hay on a wagon, unloading them and storing it in the haymow.  It was hard work done in 80 plus degree weather.  I spent most of my time working in a haymow that was easily 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature.  At the end of the day we would chug down about a gallon of unsweetened ice tea as a strong sense of accomplishment washed over us.  When the work was done and all the hay was stored away in the haymow it was time to play.  We never once felt like we were being abused or we were working in some kind of sweat shop.  We understood the dangers of working around moving equipment and always had a healthy respect for it.  We worked together as a family unit to accomplish a goal because that’s what families did.  We felt as if we were part of something special.  We learned at a young age about the importance of hard work and achieving success.  I acquired skills working around the farm that I still use to this day.  The truth is I was blessed to have this opportunity because so many kids never had a chance to experience the natural high you get after completing a hard day’s work.  Now the Department of Labor is telling us this was a bad thing.

Most of you have heard how the Department of Labor is proposing a regulation that will prevent kids who grow up on farms from basically doing all things my cousins and I did working on a farm.  These masterminds in Washington D.C. believe that somehow a child doing chores on a family farm equates to a violation of child labor laws.  This wonderful family farm tradition is now being demonized by an unfeeling bureaucratic system that cares more about how something is done than what is actually getting done.   We’re supposed to ignore the fact that this is how family farms have operated in America since before our independence.  Now some D.C. bureaucrat is saying we’ve been wrong all along and that these children should not be subjected to these working conditions.  They want to crack down on these sweatshops.   Not only does this open another door for the government to replace the parent, but it also takes away the opportunity for our young people to learn a valuable skill at a very young age.  Can someone please tell me where in the constitution it authorizes some government official the power to usurp the rights of the parent?  Once again there is no provision in the constitution that permits this because the constitution is a document designed to RESTRAIN the federal government from doing exactly this.

Below is a video of Senator Jerry Moran discussing this issue on Fox News.

YouTube Preview Image

This is what happens in an America when the constitution is ignored by unelected bureaucrats who could care less about our rights.  It turns our traditions and history as a nation on its head and forces us to live in an America that’s upside down.  It was in 2008 when Michelle Obama said we would need to change our traditions and history.  Welcome to Obama’s America.  This is just another attempt to fundamentally change who we are as a people and we must stop it.  The more we allow these elected or unelected bureaucrats to regulate every aspect of our lives the more we lose as a people and as a nation.  The more we become enslaved.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • LD Jackson April 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM

    Why is it that the first response to any issue seems to be that the federal government has to get involved? This is just another example of how Washington is out of control and why it should stay out of the business of regulating families. Is there nothing they are not willing to interfere with?
    LD Jackson recently posted..Mitt Romney Is Facing A BattleMy Profile

    • John Carey April 27, 2012 at 5:37 AM

      They will interfere in our affairs as much as we let them Larry. The founders realized that it was government’s natural tendency to drift towards tyranny this was why the constitution was crafted in a manner that restrained them. But it doesn’t do a dang bit of good if they choose just to ignore it. That’s where we’re at now.
      John Carey recently posted..The Department of Labor: Family traditions turned upside downMy Profile

  • Steve Dennis April 27, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    I just read this morning that Obama has reversed his position on this issue and now opposes the legislation after seeing the backlash from the people. If this is true it shows us how we can still be effective if we band together.
    This is a perfect example of a government over-reach, they feel they know better than the parent and want a state controlled family environment and even if this issue is now off the table, we know it will come back again and again. We must always keep our eyes open.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Gunrunner: New documents show the ATF allowed grenades to walk into MexicoMy Profile

  • silverfiddle April 27, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    The family tradition now is for the sons and daughters of the ruling class to inherit the power from their parents and use it to form a new class of unelected regulators. It’s a rotten system.
    silverfiddle recently posted..Fajitas on the GrillMy Profile

    • John Carey April 27, 2012 at 10:35 PM

      I often think what Americans would do if they were free. How would they react if regulations were removed, unconstitutional laws were repealed, and unconstitutional entitlement programs were eliminated. What if one day Americans woke up and decided to trade security for liberty. As I said I often think about the day when one day we will be free again.
      John Carey recently posted..The Department of Labor: Family traditions turned upside downMy Profile

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire April 27, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    It appears that the backlash worked this time, According to this article the Department of labor has backed off from their proposed rules.

    However, I’m sure government will continue looking for ways to hurt the family farms. Big- Agra wants it all to themselves.
    Jim at Conservatives on Fire recently posted..Global Warmers Never Die. They Just Turn Up The Heat.My Profile

    • John Carey April 27, 2012 at 10:40 PM

      I’m glad it worked. Thanks for the link. You’re correct though when you say this probably isn’t the end. They float this kind of crap to see how receptive the people are to it. They got their answer and immediately pulled it from the table. They will try again in the future.
      John Carey recently posted..The Department of Labor: Family traditions turned upside downMy Profile