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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Monday edition)

Well I’m back from my hiatus and it did a world of good.  On my off time from the conference I attended I caught up on my reading and listened to conservative talk radio.  With the exception of talking to Matt Ross from Conservative Hideout one night, I pretty much unplugged from blogging for the week.  I stayed in tune with the weekly news events like Obama’s creepy campaign story of the life of Julia and the UN announcing we should give the land stolen from Native Americans back.  I also noticed that the occupy socialists/communists are no longer hiding their intentions.  I watched Sean Hannity’s interview with the misguided anarchist that supposedly represents the occupy movement.  The man couldn’t even string together one coherent thought; it was a classic take down of a moron.  The time away recharged my batteries and I’m really excited to get back into writing.  My guess is every blogger goes through a period when they just need a break. Anyway on to the links.

Below are links to outstanding articles by conservative bloggers.  Please take a few moments to visit the links and hit their tip jars if they have them.  They work hard each day to bring you the stories the MSM ignores.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

This is just creepy

A Conservative Teacher: Facts About Communism Some Teachers Ignore: Stalin Murdered 40 Million…

Ace of Spades: CAC’s Wisconsin Recall Primary Predictions

Adrienne’s Corner: Sunday with Bill Whittle…

America’s Chronicle: New York Times: Getting Bitten By The Dog They Fed

American Glob: Sean Hannity Interviews Occupy Spokesman

American Perspective: 85 ways to avoid running afoul of the FBI

America’s Watchtower: Video: Allen West’s speech at the Lincoln Day Dinner

ARRA News Service: Forward or Downward? And Forward to the Unemployment Line

Atlas Shrugs: Muslims Riot in Bonn, Two Policemen Stabbed

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Reasons To Believe

Blog de KingShamus: Conservative Ghettos, Liberal Beachheads

Bread upon the Waters: Tonight: There’s a Super Moon on the Rise

BUNKERVILLE: Czar Cass Sunstein has memory lapse – Video

Capitol Commentary: Nancy Pelosi is Still a Lying Liar Who Lies (About “Torture”)

Catholibertarian: Birthday Present – Newsboys: God’s Not Dead

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Obama Opens Official Campaign: Can’t Fill Arena

Conservatives on Fire: Rules, Rules, Rules and, More Rules. Enough Already!

Doug Ross@Journal: Critical visual aid depicts difference between #OWS and Tea Party

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #407–The State of DC Edition

Hot Air: UN wants the US to return Native American lands

J O S H U A P U N D I T: USS Cole Bomber Killed In Yemen Strike

Laughing Conservative: Keep the red flag flying

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: No longer feeling sorry for Dick Lugar

Libertarian Republican: Obama campaign “ejects” burka-wearing Muslim woman from campaign event…

Liberty At Stake: Demotivational “Julia”

Maggie’s Notebook: Hunger And Starvation Is Rampant In Canada!

Manhattan Infidel: My Exclusive Interview with Mel Gibson

Mind Numbed Robot: Blast from the Past

Moonbattery: Occupy Angels

Motorcitytimes: Socialized medicine in U.K. turning to privatization…

NoOneOfAnyImport: Another Hero in the Army of Davids

Pirate’s Cove: The Life Of Peter, Julia’s Sperm Donor

Political Clown Parade: My Me Is Better Than Any Not Me Ever Could Be

Politics et al: For Green Energy, Bankruptcy Is the Best-Case Scenario

Political Realities: Defense Department Defends Islam

Proof Positive: You can Trust Barack Obama… to be Barack Obama

Randy’s Roundtable: Abandon Hope And Change Your Answer

Right Klik: Don’t Thank The Clown

Right Truth: A Better Life for Julia – the Heritage Foundation

Rjjrdq’s America II: Illegal Alien Tax Fraud A Booming Industry

Say Anything Blog: Milt Friedman: The Free Lunch Myth

teresamerica: Bishop Jenky Under Fire After Comparing Obama’s Policies to those of Hitler and Stalin

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Thank God For Guns


The Bitter Americans: Are we Truly Equal Under the Liberal Concept of Equality?

The Camp Of The Saints: Fascism! On! The! March!

The Classic Liberal: Alyson Michalka and the New York Fed

COMMON CENTS: Video: Marco Rubio makes the argument for Mitt Romney

The Country Thinker: Health Care Gets Worse When Politicians Try to “Fix” It

The Daley Gator: More sheer brilliance from the Useless Nations

The Libertarian Patriot: Top General: Obama Knew OBL’s Hideout Since Summer of 2010…

The Lonely Conservative: France Elects Socialist President

THE OTHER McCAIN: Little Joe In Big Trouble?

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

THE rightscoop: Mitt Romney’s excellent new ad: Suffering in Silence

The TexasFred Blog: America can’t SURVIVE if Obama gets 4 more years!

Theo Spark: The wrong kind of FORWARD………………from Rico

Thomas Jefferson Club Blog: Romney’s Immigration Policy Validated

TOTUS: What’s This About Obama’s Composite Girl Friends

Virgina Right: Senator Obenshain: Voter ID Bill Will Make It Easy to Vote but Tough to Cheat

WARD WORLD: Military religious leaders report pressure, backlash over beliefs

What Would The Founders Think: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

WESTERN HERO: Elizabeth Warren, Oppressed Minority

WyBlog: Obama to SCOTUS: We’re not smart enough to reset Medicare back to 2009’s rules

Zilla of the Resistance: #NotGoodEnoughForRomCon

Thanks for all the great articles.  Keep the heat on.  November is right around the corner.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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