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Dine on Dog or Move with Mutt?

Yesterday I had the gut wrenching experience of watching a woman deal with putting her dog down.  I was bringing my dog in for an ear infection and she was losing her pet of 18 years.  Her emotional display reminded me of how much we love our animals and why the most important element of this campaign is the treatment of canines.

The President, of course, has dined on dog.  Apparently the killing of dogs is supported by the left whether it is for feast or fancy (Fancy Feast?).  PETA was found on inspection to have killed 84% of their sheltered animals within the first 24 hours of receiving them in 2010.  How many were actually used for food is still unknown.  The President also supported convicted dog killer Michael Vick during his comeback to the NFL (Mr. Obama big on second chances).  He went so far as to call the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles (another animal the President supports killing) in order to express his gratitude for hiring his fellow dog killer.

While Romney might not be able to convince the majority of the right that he is a strong social or fiscal conservative, he has drawn that line with regard to the treatment of dogs, relative to the President.  It is no wonder that Romney has come out on the other end of this issue.  If eating and killing dogs are the posture of the left, then why wouldn’t a right-winger proudly prop his pet up on the wagon and drive across the country?

This illustrates a strong contrast between the President and the presidential hopeful.  So where do you stand on the dog issue?  Do you stand on the left where you kill dogs for food or fun, or are you all about parading pooches on transports?  The average voter (I’m told by the media) is almost always somewhere in the middle.  The blind acceptance of this fact has lead me to believe that Romney must also come to the middle (as GOP primary winners do during the general election; again, so says the media) in order to win the independents.

This is why I am calling for Romney to adopt the example of Clark Griswold.  Clark showed America that you don’t have to settle for the ideals of the right or the left.  You can take your dog on the family vacation and simply drag it to death outside of the vehicle.  This is something that both sides can agree to.  The Romney family can embrace the seating arrangements and the President (and Mr. Vick) can appreciate the death factor.

I’m not sure any other issue in this campaign is better at showing the exposition of bi-partisan composition.

*No dogs were harmed in the making of this post*


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