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Chuck Schumer Channels Nazi Germany, Goes After Americans Attempting to Escape Taxes

We’ve talked about taxes quite a bit here. We covered that when Maryland passed a special tax on millionaires, one third of their millionaires disappeared, and the state ended up losing money. When NY passed oppressive cigarette taxes, New Yorkers found ways to evade it, and the state missed their income projections by several country miles. And, we covered that the early 90’s luxury tax cost tens of thousands of jobs, and then the government ended up paying more for unemployment benefits than they collected in revenue. In short, tax increases kill jobs, and result in the creation of new and different means to evade them.

I’ve often joked that the liberals will eventually want to “build a wall” to keep people from escaping their “paradise.” Apparently, Chuck Schumer (Douchenozzle, NY) has taken this a bit too seriously, and has proposed legislation to create a “tax wall,” of sorts. God Father Politics has some more…

For centuries, millions of Europeans came to the United States to escape the oppression of tyrannical regimes. Others came for expanded economic opportunities. With the rise of Nazism in Germany, many Jews saw the handwriting on the wall and got out with their possessions before it became illegal to do so. Most didn’t. Gary North’s comments put a fine edge on the point:

The hypothetical Jewish family in question should have done a lot more than sew gold coins into their clothes in 1939. The head of the household should have sold his house and his business. He should have transferred all of the family’s assets to Switzerland, England, or the United States. Then he should have directed the family to pack their bags and follow their money. After August 31, 1939, this became illegal. World War II broke out.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and some of his fellow Democrats want a new law placed on the books. It’s called “Ex-PATRIOT”: “Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy.” The proposed law is in reaction to Eduardo Saverin’s decision to renounce his American citizenship which Democrats like Schumer believe is a “scheme” to “help him duck up to $67 million in taxes.”

So then, Mr. Saverin wants to escape taxes in the era of Obama’s class warfare. Then, just as he’s about to get away, Schumer wants to consfiscate his wealth, just like the Nazis did with the Jews.

Isn’t it funny, in a tragic, history-is repeating-itself kind of way? The administration, as well as OWS, creates the class warfare to vilify people that create wealth-just like the Nazi’s did with the Jews. Then, Schumer proposes legislation to does just what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. Once again, we see that the 30’s are being repeated before our eyes.

And, then again, OWS doesn’t like Jews either.


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