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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Memorial Day edition)

Every day we live in this great nation is a blessing.  Yes we do have our problems and yes sometimes we do not see eye to eye on the issues but we’re still the greatest show on earth.  We’re still the shining light on the hill for those who are oppressed in the world.  We’re all these things because deep down almost all Americans believe in liberty and freedom.  And even though from time to time we need to be reminded of how precious liberty is in the end Americans come together and rally behind it.  From Yorktown to Pearl Harbor, America has been blessed to have the finest men and women serve our nation to defend the ideals we embrace.  We have stood up against evil, faced it and defeated it.  Since the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781, these men and women have defended our liberties on the battlefield and have helped define the character of our nation.  This weekend we honor their sacrifice and keep those who are actively serving in our armed forces in our prayers as a reminder that freedom and liberty does not come without a price.  Whether or not we have worn the uniform of our military we as citizens of this great nation still have a responsibility to stand up against evil and oppression, face it head on and defeat it.  That includes those who would threaten our liberties from within.

This election year we have a responsibility as citizens to vote out of office those who threaten our liberties from within.  Those who impose policies and pass laws that are unconstitutional are as much of a threat to our liberties as the Japanese were when they attacked Pearl Harbor or as the British were when they imposed the Intolerable Acts on the colonists.  We have a duty to defend liberty and freedom as our men and women in uniform do every day.  Anything less from our citizenry is shameful.

Now onto the links.  Below are links to some great articles by conservative bloggers.  Please take a few moments to visit their sites and hit their tip jars if they have them.  They are on the front line each day defending our liberties against those who threaten them from within.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the links.

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A Conservative Teacher: Democratic Party Embraces Factions and Special Interests to Detriment of Public

Ace of Spades: The Sentinel

Adrienne’s Corner: Patterico speaks out about Brett Kimberlin…

America’s Chronicle: How I’d Respond to Obama Campaign’s Attacks on Bain

American Glob: Best Elizabeth Warren Parody Video Ever

American Perspective: Donald Douglas of American Power Blog receives death threat

America’s Watchtower: House committee to hold hearings on turning over internet regulation to the UN

ARRA News Service: Backwell On Religous Liberty

Atlas Shrugs: NYPD Muslim surveillance legal, Huge Defeat for Hamas-CAIR and Brotherhood groups

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Senate Sinks Admiral Obama’s ‘Great Green Fleet’

Blog de KingShamus: Every Brett Kimberlin Gets His Day

Bread upon the Waters: There Oughta Be a Law…Oh, Wait…There Is a Law

Breitbart: AP Purposely Confuses Readers About Warren’s False Cherokee Heritage

BUNKERVILLE: Daily Caller is stumped “Who is Valerie Jarrett”

Capitol Commentary: ObamaNation: Memorial Day Edition

Catholibertarian: Catholics at the Voting Booth and the Test of Fire

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Memorial Day, 2012

Conservatives on Fire: New Crossroads Ad Has The Left Tied In Knots

COMMON CENTS: Fox News Anchor and guest on NAACP and the Black Community

Doug Ross@Journal: EPA fines energy companies for failing to produce magical biofuel that has yet to…

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #412–Don’t It Make My Blue State Red Edition

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Memorial Day Tribute: Fred Thompson Reminds Us, “It’s the Soldier. .

Hot Air: Democrats giving up on Wisconsin recall?

Innominatus: Value of self

J O S H U A P U N D I T: * Chuckle* DNC Head Wasssrman-Schultz Steps In It Again

Laughing Conservative: Barack Obama’s Diary

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Meghan McCain and Al Sharpton agree about crazy right-wingers

Libertarian Republican: Saudi Arabia’s new foothold in Western Europe

Liberty At Stake: What’s In a Primary?

Maggie’s Notebook: Obama’s Gutted Medicare

Manhattan Infidel: Feds Investigate Manhattan Infidel IPO

Mind Numbed Robot: How NOT to Write a Headline…

Moonbattery: Jon Stewart: I’m a Socialist

Motorcitytimes: History: Constitutional Convention as a Four-Act Drama

NoOneOfAnyImport: This Week In Being No One

NUKE’S: He only requires that you kneel

Pirate’s Cove: Just How Smart Is Obama?

Political Clown Parade: Memorial Day Tribute

Politics et al: Alt-fuel cars unsustainable without government assistance

Political Realities: Irresponsible Americans and our Government

Proof Positive: Senators Move to Make Bison “National Mammal”

Randy’s Roundtable: Recovery Summer Version 4.0

Right Klik: Obama From Every Angle…

Right Truth:Kansas gov. signs measure blocking Islamic law

Rjjrdq’s America II: Harry Reid Attacks Tea Party, Lower Taxes

Say Anything Blog: More Indian Tribes Being Steamrolled By Bureaucratic Political Correctness

teresamerica: Vetting Pres. Obama Before an Election: Obama’s America 2016

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Another Story Of The Absurd…DNA Samples From Dogs

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: Iran might have 5 bombs

The Bitter Americans: Did a Liberal Bias End the Career of my Favorite Band?

The Camp Of The Saints: This Ain’t Your Father’s Army

The Classic Liberal: Conservatives and the Liberty Movement

The Country Thinker: Country Thinker, Radio Host!

The Daley Gator: Chris Hayes epitomizes the definition of educated beyond one’s hat size

The Lonely Conservative: Freedom Isn’t Free

THE OTHER McCAIN: Only Another 21 Or So ‘Worst Weeks Ever’

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

THE rightscoop: Obama is trying to cede US sovereignty to the UN via treaties

The TexasFred Blog: Backlash against African migrants in Israel

Theo Spark: The Charlie Daniels Band – Star Spangled Banner

Thomas Jefferson Club Blog: Obama Puts Re-election Ahead of Security

TOTUS: Free College Tuition

Virgina Right: CHECK OUT This FABULOUS, AWESOME Presentation From This ACTIVIST About ICLEI!

WARD WORLD: The Unknown Soldier

What Would The Founders Think: Of Environmentalism, Golden Calves and Other False Gods

WESTERN HERO: Tendentious Liberal Claptrap

WyBlog: Hope And Choom: You don’t have to be stoned to vote for Obama, but it helps!

Zilla of the Resistance: Convicted Terrorist Bomber Given Million$ by Progressives Now Terrorizes Bloggers – Updated


Black Hills National Cemetery, SD

Thank you for all the great articles.  Have a safe Memorial Day.  As always you guys are the heat. 

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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