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Letter to Mr. Establishment

Dear Mr. Establishment,

For too long we have been dancing out of step.  For years you have stared into our eyes and told us what we wanted to hear, but then unapologetically stepped on our toes and took inappropriate advances.  You’re drunk, clumsy, arrogant and jealous.  If we ever dared look for a different dance partner – someone who knew our style, who could keep up and respect us, you would just bully him out of the dance hall. 

Well, there’s a new tune playing and our toes will take no more abuse.  You, like most high school jocks, have become fat, lazy, and impotent.  You continues to revel in the memory of who you were and expect us to adore you in the same way today as we did then.  The problem is that nobody cares now about what you did in the 4th quarter in 1982.  What have you done for us lately? 

I’ll tell you what you’ve done – you’ve flirted with Ms. Liberal.  You’re constantly staring and you’re dallying around the punch bowl hoping to get her a drink.  When we talk to you, you don’t listen but give empty responses while gazing at her from afar.  You long to be on her side of the room and try to lead the dance in that direction.  She draws you in over and over with her cheap tricks only to abandon you in embarrassment.  Still, you’re fascinated by the vixen and return knowing you can always come back to us.

Well, the gig is over.  There’s a new guy in town who knows how to treat us and knows how to follow through.  He won’t abandon, but will stand firm by our side.  He knows how to lead and knows all of the best dances.  He doesn’t care about Ms. Liberal and thinks she looks trashy in that cheap dress and no bra.  Want to take this dance?  Want to try and butt in?  I think you’re in for a surprise fight that you can’t handle. 

Mr. Tea is our guy now.  We’re not going to be fooled by your hollow wooing any longer.  You’re been wandering around the center of the dance hall trying to get everyone to like you, but now you’re just alone with no friends and no date.  It’s sad really because you had potential and we gave you so many chances.  We can still be friendly, but we can’t be friends.  You’ve been too far gone for far too long.  Did I mention Mr. Tea has a motorcycle?  The town doesn’t know quite what to think of him yet – but they’ll come around.

Sincerely, Ms. Right


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