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Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch WIN!

Wisconsin voters have soundly rejected the unions’ effort to recall Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  Both Walker and Kleefisch dealt the unions a huge blow by defeating recall efforts.  I believe this win tonight will resonate across the nation as many governors with very similar budget problems are taking a wait and see approach in regards to Wisconsin’s recall election. This win should embolden these governors to implement sound fiscal ideas and policies that will get their state budgets under control.

The good people of Wisconsin appear to have caught on about the nature of these unions; that they’re nothing more than another special interest group that wants to raid the public treasury.  Today I was listening to a caller on a conservative talk radio show crying foul about how these cuts were being paid for on the backs of union workers.  All I could think of was what about the non-union taxpayer who has been carrying these same unions on their backs?  What about the layoff of thousands of union teachers that was averted by Governor Walker’s action?  What about balancing the state budget?   What about the creation of 23,000 new jobs?  These things don’t seem to matter to the unions because for them the end justifies the means.  They want what they believe they are entitled and what they think they are entitled to is the taxpayer’s money.  And quite frankly they don’t care how they muscle it out of the taxpayer or the damage it will do to the state or its citizens.

Many union members have been led astray by their union bosses.  The promises made are simply unrealistic and unsustainable and now the bill has come due in many states across the nation.  Scott Walker was elected to come up with a plan to pay this bill and balance the budget.  He showed incredible courage and rock solid leadership addressing his state’s fiscal problems.  He made the tough choices that those before him failed to do.  And for that Governor Walker was forced to face a recall election.  That’s the kind of backwards thinking these unions were trying to peddle and thankfully it failed.  Walker’s win should not be viewed as a blow to unions instead it should be seen as a victory for the individual taxpayer.  Walker’s win offers the ray of hope many have been looking for.  This hope is the idea that American’s are ready to tackle our problems no matter how much pain is involved.  We’re ready to sit down and have an adult conversation about our problems.  This is a hope that I believe will spread across this country like wildfire.  We need more leaders like Scott Walker to help course correct America’s direction.  Lt. Governor Kleefisch said it best in the below clip.

YouTube Preview Image

Additionally there were four state senate races last night.  Two GOP senators have held their seats, one GOP candidate has won an open seat, and the fourth is leading in his district. This could end up being a clean sweep for individual liberty.

I want to congratulate Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch for their win and a job well done!  Now on to making Obama a one term President.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • LD Jackson June 6, 2012 at 4:53 AM

    I am hoping this is a sign of things to come in November. The union bosses just got their heads handed to them on a platter. It’s about time the people of America started standing up to them and say enough is enough.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Federal Law Enforcement Can’t Call Border Patrol For BackupMy Profile

  • Steve Dennis June 6, 2012 at 5:32 AM

    What a great night last night! This gives me hope that the American people–and the politicians–are finally going to get serious about this issue. Politicians are afraid to tackle the unions and the entitlements for fear of facing what Scott Walker faced, but this should show them the people do want real change and will have their backs if they do what is right. I am hopeful that this is a sign of things to come in November.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..D-Day remembered: June 6th 1944 revisitedMy Profile

    • John Carey June 6, 2012 at 6:13 AM

      I am too Steve. Like I said maybe this will show the politicians that the American people are ready to have an adult conversation about our entitlement programs and the choke hold so many public service unions have on state budgets. This was a huge win for individual liberty and a loss for collectivism.
      John Carey recently posted..Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch WIN!My Profile