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Her name is Macee

I haven’t been able to post much lately because my hands have been full. We have added a new member to our family. Her name is Macee and she’s a 12 week old Boxer. We purchased her from a dog breeder in South Dakota and my wife met her sister half way between Rapid City and Minot to pick her up. Below is a pic of our wonderful new companion.

Macee Mae Carey

Our Dachshund is not sure what to think of her.  He’s an aggressive and stubborn little German.  She’s on the other hand is quiet and passive.  He has established boundaries which means everything in the house and the backyard to include his parents belongs to him and he let’s her know.  He has imposed his will on her and she has acquiesced to it.  With some work and patience I believe she is going to be a well trained, loving friend for many years to come.

Every now and then change is a very needed thing.  We need to break free from the same routine, the same daily grind and step outside of the troubled world we live in to embrace something simple and pure.  For me all I need is the smell of puppy breath and big brown soft eyes that look at you with unconditional love.  I’ve always believed that people can learn a great deal from dogs.  A dog loves you no matter your faults.  A dog does not judge you.  And a dog will remain loyal to you even when let them down.  Unconditional love is the key and Macee reminds me that the simple things in life can bring great joy and peace to the heart.

Life is good!

Now only if I can teach my Dachshund the same life lesson…

Liberty forever, freedom for all


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