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It’s time for some honesty from both the politicians and the Super PACs that support them…

Let’s face it we have some very serious problems in America that we must address soon.  Our national debt is spiraling out of control.  Our liberties are being eroded away as more and more regulations are forced upon us.  Our free market system is under assault and unemployment continues to remain at 8.3 percent.  We’re at risk of losing it all.  We may actually be the first generation to leave our children an America that is worse off than we found her.   And you know what, our elected officials don’t care.  The only thing they care about is getting reelected and tearing down their opponents; even if they and the PACs that support them have to lie.  See an example of this below.

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Folks we deserve better than this garbage.  We deserve a sliver of honesty in regards to the monumental problems we are facing.  We deserve a candid discussion about what we need to do to tackle them and get our fiscal house in order.  We need to discuss ideas and the things we need to do to unleash the free market system.  We need to compare and contrast the views the candidates have about the role government should play in our lives.  We need some grownups in the room to step up and have an honest and serious discussion with us.  Instead we end up with the above garbage.  It’s absolutely insulting and quite frankly each of us no matter what political side of the spectrum we fall on should be offended by these tactics.

We’re talking about saving America.  They’re talking about tax records.  We’re talking about creating an environment where each and every American has an opportunity to succeed.  They’re talking about the evils of Bain Capital and the free market.  We’re talking about restoring liberty and getting back to a constitutional republic.  They’re talking about the war on women.  I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of these intellectually and morally bankrupt politicians and their Super PACs not taking our problems seriously.  I’m sick of them not taking us seriously.  Maybe it’s time to contact those who we support and tell them no more.  No more diversion tactics.  No more discussion about tax records.  No more bringing up the birth certificate nonsense.  No more lying about the other candidate’s work history or record.  No more misleading the uninformed voter.  It’s time for some honesty.  It’s time to step up a get to work solving our nation’s problems.

Unless we step up, raise the bar, and demand more from our candidates and from those who we elected to represent our concerns we will get the government we deserve.  And that government will be an ugly beast that will continue grow and steal our children’s future.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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