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Because we’re here and no one else is going to do it…

When I was a child I remember Memorial Day weekends and camping with my family in Canada.  We would always head up to the great white north on that special weekend and spend the week fishing, kicking back, eating food cooked over a campfire, and enjoying each other’s company at some campground hidden away from the rest of the world.  I remember how great of a time I had with my family.  When it was time to pack up and leave my parents would make us tidy up the area looking for garbage and doing everything we could to erase our footprint at the site.  My father was always about leaving a campsite looking better than we found it.  He wanted the next campers to enjoy the same experience as we did.  I remember one time I found bag of garbage at nearby site and my father told me to take it to the dumpster.  It wasn’t our trash; we didn’t make it, so I questioned my father as to why I needed to pick up garbage that someone else left.  He smiled and replied, because we’re here and no one else is going to do it.  That was all he had to say.

Thirty plus years later those words still cling to me and are as applicable today as they were when I was a child.  In fact it was one of the reasons I started blogging.  I wanted to do my part and make a difference.  I wanted to help clean up the mess in America that was left to us by people who don’t really care about her.  That mess includes unsustainable government programs, massive debt, over-regulation of our free market system, and a constitution that is no longer being enforced as it is written.  I’m sure many of you have your own reasons for throwing in and volunteering your time to help advance an agenda that reestablishes the core principles that made America great.  I’m also sure you see the mess I’m talking about.  It’s a great big mess that needs to be cleaned up and the way I see it we’re here now and no one else is going to do it.

Let me give a few examples of the mess I’m talking about.  The safe guards put in place to keep government in check have now been coopted and corrupted by leftist ideologues.  An example of this can be found with the mainstream media.  The newspapers and other forms of news media were given a powerful tool in the first amendment of our constitution to use in order to keep the government honest and close to the people.  The press is supposed to be the watchdogs of the republic.  They have great power to influence the national discussion.  This means they have a responsibility not only to the people but to the nation as a whole and they have failed.  They placed their own ideological position on the issues ahead of journalistic integrity and have decided to throw their lot in with the left.  They’re no longer the watchdogs of the republic; instead they have become the lapdogs of the left.  And now we’re here to clean up the mess.

The same can be said for the out of control spending and the massive debt that has been left to us.  This debt wasn’t accumulated over night and the last time we had a balanced budget a man name Gingrich was Speaker of the House.  So do we kick the same can that was kicked to us to the next generation or do we clean up the mess the previous generation left us.  You see what people fail to see is that we’re the generation of the future that has been left a massive amount of debt.  We’re the generation that is paying for the sins of the previous one.  The reason it’s harder now to double our standard of living than it was for our parents is because we’re the generation that is chained to this debt.  We’re the generation that entitlement programs like social security and Medicare will go bankrupt.  And we’re the generation that will need to suck it up, sacrifice, and clean up the mess they left us.

Why do we have to clean up their mess?  The answer is simple; because we’re here and no one else is going to do it.  Was anyone really shocked with the exception of the left when Paul Ryan said Medicare will go bankrupt in 12 years if we don’t reform it?  I know I wasn’t.  Is anyone going to be surprised when in 5 years from now they tell us that social security is going to go bankrupt?  I know I won’t be.  I’ve been saying for years that we’ll never see social security when I retire.  Or how about when our dollar collapses because of all the printing the Fed is doing.  Not me.  This great big bag of garbage is sitting here for all Americans to see.  We didn’t make it and yet we just can’t leave it.  We have to clean up the mess, because we’re here and no one else is going to do it.  In the end we have a responsibility to leave America in better condition than we found her.  Unlike the campground, we’re not leaving her to some stranger.  We’re leaving her to our children.  And because of this we are obligated to clean up this mess…even if we didn’t make it.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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