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Why Obama and the Democrats are going to lose the Medicare debate…

Nancy Pelosi once said of Obamacare that we had to pass it so we can find out what’s in it.  Well one of the big stink bombs that the Democrats don’t want to talk about is the massive cuts they made to Medicare when they passed Obamacare.  These cuts were designed to keep Obamacare deficit neutral and was a key provision that helped both the House and Senate pass the the bill in March 2010.  In fact in the below video President Obama stated that he would veto the bill if there was any attempt to undo the cuts to Medicare. Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

So how have the Democrats received a free pass for so long in regards to the massive cuts they made to Medicare when they passed Obamacare?  How were they able to shape the narrative when Paul Ryan came out with a budget that would repeal these cuts and keep Medicare solvent for people 55 years and older, changing nothing in the coverage they are receiving?  How did they get away with videos showing a Paul Ryan look alike pushing grandma off the cliff when they had already pushed grandma off the cliff a year earlier?  There are four reasons for this.  The first is Republic leadership under House Speaker John Boehner has been weak and indecisive.  They did a terrible job getting their message out and when the Democratic narrative began to gain traction with seniors Boehner did what he always does; cuts and runs.  The second reason the Democrats have been able to keep a lid on their cuts to Medicare is because the MSM has turned a blind eye to it.  They have either underreported the facts on this subject or have ignored it in its entirety.  If you ignore an act or action, then you don’t have to acknowledge it happened.  The third reason is because the average voter is mostly uninformed in regards to the issues and like I’ve said many times before the Democrats rely on this ignorance to advance their agenda.  And finally the last reason is because we haven’t had a debate about Medicare on a national stage until now.  If you have a national debate about a topic and compare and contrast two plans side by side, then Americans with all the information can make an informed decision in regards to it.  This is a destination the left doesn’t want to reach.

They need Americans lost and in the dark.  They need us ignorant so they can pass bills in order for us to find out what’s in them.  They need us dazed and confused so they can drive the narrative.  They don’t believe in empowering the individual, they rely of the ignorance of the masses.  The last thing the Democrats wanted was a young, articulate, individual running around proposing common sense solutions to address the problems with Medicare while at the same time pointing out the shortfalls of the Democrats.  Now the Democrats and Obama are trying to defend an action that is indefensible and they’re losing.  This is why they’re trying to switch the debate back to Romney’s taxes.  You see once Americans get the information more often than not they make the right decision and this scares the crap out of the left.  Since Paul Ryan has taken Medicare debate on the road the left has been in complete disarray.  To give you an idea how rattled they are take a look at the below video clip.  It’s about 12 minutes long but worth the watch.

YouTube Preview Image

The most revealing part of this video comes at the two minute mark when Howard Dean stated, “You can’t convince people that a Dem is going to cut Medicare.”  This should convince you just how much the left relies on the ignorance of the average voter.  Even when they cut Medicare by $700 billion, they believe you won’t believe they actually did it because hey they’re Democrats.  It’s absolutely insulting.  But this is why we do the things we do and why we need to help Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan get the word out about this.  The more people learn about the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare the more people will not only see the need to fix, but I believe they will embrace the Ryan plan because it makes sense  And once people come to terms with the fact that the Democrats have already gutted it, I see bad times for any candidate with a “D” in front of their name.  And finally Charles Krauthammer drives the point home about the cuts the Democrats made to Medicare in the below clip.

YouTube Preview Image

We’re now having a national discussion about Medicare and it’s a good thing.  And because we’re finally having this debate I believe Obama and the Democrats are going to lose it.  Why?  Because the most dangerous threat to the status quo is an informed voter and this debate is definitely informing the voter.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire August 18, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    I think you are right, John. In the last couple of days I saw a poll that seniors in Florida trust Ryan’s plan for Medicare more than they trust Obama’s plan. And, this was before Ryan and his mother started their Florida tour. Obamacare may be Obama’s undoing.
    Jim at Conservatives on Fire recently posted..“Is Your City or Town Going Bankrupt?” an essay by a Conservative TeacherMy Profile

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  • LD Jackson August 18, 2012 at 6:46 PM

    This is exactly why the Democrats are so much up in arms about Paul Ryan. His selection as Romney’s Vice-President has elevated this discussion into the light of day. The last thing they wanted was to have a substantive discussion about Medicare, or any other real issue. They would much rather stick to talking about Mitt Romney’s tax returns and this keeps that from happening.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Personal Observations Of Our Society – Where Are Our Priorities?My Profile

    • John Carey August 19, 2012 at 10:22 PM

      The truth is they do not want a substantive discussion about the problems facing all the entitlement programs. The last thing they want is some likable politician who is not only a wiz with the numbers, but conveys the message in an understandable manner. Paul Ryan is indeed their worst nightmare. If this keeps heading in this direction and more light bulbs go off in people’s minds they Dems are going to pay a heavy price this November. And Obama will indeed be a one term President.
      John Carey recently posted..Why Obama and the Democrats are going to lose the Medicare debate… My Profile

  • Steve Dennis August 19, 2012 at 7:18 AM

    You nailed another one John! I think you are right on with your three reasons why Democrats are allowed to shape the arguments. I would say that the media and the ignorance of the many of the people are also directly related to the first one–lack of Republican leadership. Maybe if Boehner and the Republicans did a better job messaging the media would be forced to cover it and the people would learn about something the Democrats have wanted to hide. It is unacceptable that we have allowed the Democrats to paint Ryan as a man who wants to throw granny off the cliff when it was the Democrats who slashed Medicare. Maybe the selection of Ryan will now bring light to this, but it will still be up to them to get the message out. Democrats can pretend to be excited about the Ryan selection, but I think they are very worried about this because if they play their cards right they can expose the Democrats on what they did to Medicare.

    • John Carey August 19, 2012 at 10:26 PM

      Thanks Steve. We should have had this national debate on Medicare when Paul Ryan’s budget came out in 2011. Instead we ended up with Boehner completely fumbling the ball and hanging Ryan out to dry. Now that we’re finally having this debate, people are beginning to see the problems with Medicare and worse for the Dems, they’re beginning to see how the Dems already gutted it. Not good to have a “D” in front of your name this year if you are running in a purple district or state.
      John Carey recently posted..Why Obama and the Democrats are going to lose the Medicare debate… My Profile

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  • Silverfiddle August 19, 2012 at 8:25 AM

    I think Romney and Ryan just may be pulling off some political jujitsu. We’ll see…
    Silverfiddle recently posted..Too Many Salome’sMy Profile

  • mizzanonymous August 19, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    Compared to Biden, Sarah Palin was a miracle of articulation, achievement, dignity and poise. Joe — dumb folksy Joe — always got a free pass. The Washington crowd had grown inured to bumbling Joe. Not this time. Ryan’s competence spotlights Joe’s lack of same.
    Some of this election was supposed to have pivoted on Romney’s pick of Ryan. Now it might — after the “y’all in chains” comment this week — turn more on up-to-now-ignored Joe Biden. After all, what besides misadventure, an undammable flow of cliches and gaffes, and sour race-based slurs, does Joe Biden bring to the Obama ticket? If we discount the flurry of prayers begging that Obama never fall ill or worse, nothing.
    There were even rumblings among those Democrats with minds and consciences that Biden should be replaced with Hillary Clinton in this run, but it’s too late for that salvation. Nor would Hillary, mortified once already by Obama in 2008, willingly submit to this deeper humiliation: Understudy for Joe Biden would foul her resume.
    No, Obama has to live with his VP, like a strange uncle in the attic. But I suspect after this week, the handlers will take over Joe, write his scripts, narrow his appearances and keep him away for good from African-American audiences. If he needs something to feel like he’s contributing, a colouring book should suffice. And perhaps a little extra clarification on what century he’s living in, too.

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