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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (BK Family Food game edition)

With all the talk about states passing voter ID laws to reduce the chances of voter fraud and the left complaining that such laws would disenfranchise a large segment of the population, I thought I would share a very short story with you about an experience I had that is relevant to the conversion.  Last week my wife and I decided to stop at Burger King for a quick bite to eat.  Burger King is currently running a promotional game called Family Food.  It’s a scratch game that ask you a question and gives you three possible answers.  You of course must select the correct answer in order to have an opportunity to win a prize.  The prizes range from food to cash.  We pulled the game piece off my large ice tea and she read the question to me.  I correctly answered the question and won a $25 dollar gift certificate.

We presented the winning game piece to the employee behind the counter and she informed my wife that we would have to mail the game piece into Burger King in a blue envelop she handed to us.  In order to redeem the prize you must provide your social security number to prove you are U.S. citizens.  When my wife informed the employee that she wasn’t comfortable writing her social security number down on an envelop and sending to people she didn’t know, the employee told her it was the only way we could prove citizenship in order to redeem the prize.  The point of the story is if you can’t even redeem cash prizes from Burger King’s Family Food Game without proof of U.S. citizenship, then what’s the big deal about providing some form of ID to prove who you are at the polling stations on election day.  I wonder why we don’t hear the cries from the left on how Burger King is disenfranchising non U.S. citizens with their Family Food game.  Just something to think about.  Now to the LINKs.

Below are links to outstanding conservative posts.  Please take a few minutes to visit them and when you’re there hit their tip jars if the have them.  As always these good people shine the light of truth on the lies of not only the left but of the MSM.  They work hard each day to keep you informed so that you can become the greatest threat to the status quo…an informed voter.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

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Thanks for all the outstanding posts.  You continue to be the heat.  Have a great week.

Liberty forever. Freedom for all!


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