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Teeing it up on Labor Day: A Round at the LINKs (2016: Obama’s America edition)

It’s Labor Day and 23 million Americans are out of work thanks to the policies of President Obama and the Democrats.  Whether this is by design or just a byproduct of bad economic times is still in question in my mind.  And after yesterday I’m just not sure.  You see yesterday I took the time to check out “2016: Obama’s America.”  Our local theater finally got it in and I jumped at the opportunity to see it.  The movie is only playing in about half of all the theaters nationwide so we were very fortunate to get it here.  The movie is about an hour and a half long and by the time it was over I do feel like I have a better understanding of who Obama really is and and the goals he wants to accomplish.  This documentary by Dinesh D’Souza was very well done.  He approached the task of understanding who Obama is through the process of understanding who Obama’s father was and the dreams he had.  Mr. D’Souza highlighted the significance behind the title of Obama’s book Dreams from My Father.  Obama chose to use the word from My Father and not of My Father and Mr. D’Souza believes this signifies that Obama has adopted the dreams his father had, with the end goal of fulfilling them.  So what were Barack Obama’s Sr. dreams?

Mr. D’Souza takes the audience on a journey to Indonesia where Obama spent a considerable amount as a child and Kenya where Obama’s father spent most of his life.  He introduces us to the anti-colonialism mindset that Obama’s father held and how Obama came to terms with his absent father.  In my opinion Mr. D’Souza makes a compelling case that Obama is indeed trying to fulfill the anti-colonialism dreams of his father.  The nonsensical acts of this President now seem to make sense after seeing this moving.  When the picture is framed it in an anti-colonialism narrative, you begin to understand that perhaps Obama does believe that America has stolen from third world nations and economic justice demands we pay reparations in the form of redistributing our wealth to to them to atone for our sins as a nation.  This is what cap and trade is about and why the EPA has launched an all out assault on the coal industry.  Obama wants cap and trade on a global scale so he can redistribute the wealth of America and the industrialized West.  Why has Obama done everything in his power to limit our ability to produce our own energy while at the same time opening new markets for South American nations by promising them we would be their best customers?  Because in an anti-colonialism mindset this is a form of economic justice. Instead of producing and selling our own oil for a profit, we shut down our producers and turn over our wealth to third world nations by purchasing oil from them.  In an anti-colonialism mindset Obama does believe we owe the world an apology and that America needs to be put in its place.  I now believe after watching the movie when Obama said “you didn’t build that, you had help”  what he really wanted to say is you didn’t build that…you stole it.

Now do I believe the average Kool-Aid drinker will go and see this movie…no.  And if they did I’m sure they would say it’s nothing but right-wing propaganda.  They would point out that Mr. D’Souza is nothing more than a conservative hack trying to bring President Obama down.  They will rationalize and maneuver themselves not to accept the findings in this movie; dismissing them as right-wing lies.  You can find one such rebuttal here.  In my opinion this movie is geared more for the independents who just didn’t know who Obama was in 2008 and still do not know the man.  They voted for Obama because they believed the hope and change mantra and they wanted to be part of a historic event.  But now things are different three and a half years later.  We have seen hope and change turn in disappointment and despair as we come to terms with 23 million people out of work and a skyrocketing national debt.  Our AAA rating has been downgraded and the value of our dollar continues to fall causing the price of goods to increase.  We are in serious economic trouble and we’re running out of time. You can see the signs of what’s coming in the price of gas and food.  You feel a change in the air but you’re not quite sure what to make of it.  You can’t stretch the dollar like you used to; inflation is gobbling it up.  It’s coming and many will be unprepared when it hits. And the saddest part of all of this is there are people in Washington who know this is coming and who also know what Obama is doing to America and either they do not have the courage to confront him or they’re willing participants in the demise of America.  This is why this election is so important and why I believe this movie is a must see for all Americans, but the sad truth is it will only resonate with 50 percent of the population.  The other 50 percent either do not care or they’re drinking the Kool-Aid.  Now on to the LINKs.

Below are links to great conservative and libertarian articles from outstanding bloggers.  Please take some time to visit the links and when you’re there hit their tip jars if they have them.  They work hard to expose the lies of the left and keep you informed.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.    

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Below is the 2016 trailer.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for all the great articles.  Have a great Labor Day and let’s vote this man out of office this November so we can begin the long process of restoring our constitution and our beloved America.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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