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Why I didn’t watch President Obama’s acceptance speech…

I decided not to watch President Obama’s speech because it really doesn’t matter to me what he says.  I know he’s a polished speaker.  He’s a master at spinning a tale for the misguided and uninformed.  They hang on to his every word and gobble it up like candy believing that only Obama can lead America out of darkness and into the light.  They don’t care that he lies or that he says one thing and does another.  It doesn’t matter to them that Obama’s policies have failed and that we’ve become more dependent as a people on the federal government.  They view government as a benevolent entity that exists to right the wrongs of society and grant new rights to different groups who believe they are entitled.  Obama’s speeches are crafted for the Kool-Aid drinkers and the ignorant.  These are the people who refuse to see beyond a flawed ideology that promotes collectivism and central planning over individualism and liberty.   They are intolerant to those who disagree with their utopian plans for America.  Those who wish to restore the constitution and the institutions that made America great are viewed as extreme.  The values our founders embrace are foreign to these poor souls who drink from the fountain of Obama.

As for me Obama’s actions speak volumes about the man and what he believes and this is all I need to know about him.  You see Obama is a fake and his words mean nothing to me.  His true nature is revealed in those unscripted moments when he told a plumber that redistributing wealth is a good thing or when he said you didn’t build that.  That’s the real Obama, not the polished fake who reads from a teleprompter.  The real Obama is a man who has little respect for our constitution and the rule of law.  He’s a man who will do and say anything to sit in our house for another four years.  He knowingly makes promises he will not be able to keep.  He lies about his record and about the record of his opponent.  He dodges questions and distracts us from the real issues that impact us and our children.  He doesn’t want to talk about unemployment, the loss of our triple AAA rating, weak economic growth, the falling dollar, and the $5 trillion dollars in debt that has accumulated under his watch because these are losing topics for him.  And his supporters along with the bias media are more than willing to let him off the hook.

These are the issues that are hurting each of us.  These are the issues that are making more Americans dependent on government scraps to survive and killing individual liberties.  But they don’t matter to President Obama, because if they did he would have taken actions to free up our economic machine and create an environment that was pro business in the first two years of his Presidency.  Instead Obama and his Democratic allies decided on a “Band-Aid” fix by throwing taxpayer dollars at the problem and then chose to waste a year and half ignoring our economic woes and pressing forward with a government takeover of our healthcare system.  And this has all been ignored by the Obama faithful because it’s a reality that is hard to defend; but I can’t ignore it.

I can’t ignore the fact that 23 million Americans are out of work.  I can’t ignore $5 trillion dollars more in debt in three and a half years.  I can’t ignore the liberty lost under Obama’s watch.  I can’t ignore that our free market is shackled by overregulation.  I can’t ignore that the value of our dollar is plummeting and the buying power of each American has been diminished.  We need to create an environment that promotes economic liberty and rejects economic justice.  We need to shrink the size of government and eliminate tax codes that punish success.  These are the things that every American should be tuned into because all of the above depend on liberty.  With liberty we can accomplish anything, without it we are slaves.  That’s what this election is about and no matter how many speeches Obama makes you’ll never convince me that he is on the side of liberty.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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