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In the end we will all pay for this QE3 deception

In the Art of War Sun Tzu states that “all warfare is based on deception.”  Elections are about war; an ideological war for the hearts and minds of the electorate.  Candidates attack and counterattack each other until the day after Election Day when one emerges victorious and the other concedes defeat.  So if election campaigns can be viewed as war then one can conclude that deception is used to mask truth and divert the attention of the electorate away from the issues that truly matter.  So far this election cycle President Obama has been masterful at deflecting and deceiving the people.  He has managed to divert the attention of the electorate away from the $5 trillion in additional debt that has accumulated under his watch, the out of control spending of his administration, his failed economic policies, our anemic economic growth, 8+ percent unemployment, the downgrading of our credit rating again, the loss of taxpayer money in failed green energy companies, the fast and furious scandal, and the passage of Obamacare.

Instead he would have us believe that all of the above are less important than some conjured up war on women the GOP is waging.  He wants us to forget about the record high gas prices we’re paying this weekend and focus the GOP’s desire to extend tax cuts to the dirty rich people who create the jobs.  He needs us to focus on a narrative that he and his staff have crafted so we don’t focus on the real issues that are impacting each and every one of us.  And now just the other day another deception tactic was employed by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke when he announced a third round of open ended quantitative easing to help kick start our struggling economy.  Quantitative easing is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  It creates the illusion of a stronger economy by injecting more money into a system that is already saturated with money.  It’s a feel good act to appease Wall Street investors but does little to address spending, create jobs, or ease the pains of the average person.  It’s a terrible policy that has failed in the past and in the end will make things worse in the long term. I can’t help but wonder about the timing of this act less than two months away from a major election.

Romney has already put Bernanke on notice that if he’s elected President, Bernanke will be sent packing. So I can’t help but wonder if Bernanke is propping up Obama’s failed economy to preserve his own job for another four years while Americans are still left searching for jobs that have not materialized from the other two rounds of quantitative easing.  Obama and his team were elated with the announcement; especially with seasonal jobs coming to an end and a bleak September jobs report on the horizon.  This couldn’t have happened at a better time for team Obama.  Another masterful play by an administration running from its own record.  Now the American people will see the stock market rise and think everything is ok.  This deception just might change the minds of enough voters to propel Obama to a win in a close election.  The problem is it will be done at the expense of our purchasing power and ultimately our liberty.

You see the more money there is floating around in our system, the less it’s worth.  The less it’s worth, the less buying power each of us have.  The less buying power we have the less choice we have.  The less choice we have the less liberty we have. And the less liberty we have the more dependent we will become on the government.  In the end we will all pay for this QE3 deception and the cost will be our liberty and freedom.  I urge you to contact your elected representative and tell them to force the fed to stop QE3.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • John Galt September 15, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    We dealt with the Fed action in our last post. We agree with your position but also see the likelihood that Bernanke’s attempt to psychologically push up the stock market may be more than negatively compensated by driving commodity prices up – which mean food prices for all – and oil prices up – which mean gas prices at the pump. Both of these elements will negatively impact Obama’s (and for that matter, Bernanke’s) chances of re-election.

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