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The 3rd Presidential Debate: One candidate looked Presidential, the other looked small and petty…

Well the final Presidential Debate is over and I must say one candidate looked Presidential while the other looked small and petty.  One candidate looked confident and steady while the other looked desperate and out of ideas.  Mitt Romney made a conscious effort in this debate to rise above the cheap shots and lies and discuss the issues with a big picture focus.  At first I thought this was a bad strategy because I’m the type of person who believes you need to stand toe to toe with your opponent and hit back when they hit you.  As the debate unfolded I began to see how wrong I was.  Mitt Romney steered the debate in the direction he wanted it to go; back to the economy.  He pointed out how America has lost respect in the world because we don’t have a strong economy.  That when our economy is not strong at home we lose our ability to project strength abroad.  He nailed it!  President Obama did get his shots in, however he was more focused on attacking Romney than discussing the big picture issues and this made him look small and petty.

I know a lot of people were waiting for Romney to go on the attack over the Benghazi tragedy.  Republican Senators and Representatives talked about it all weekend,  But things changed over the weekend when the CIA basically bailed the President out by saying they did brief it was a spontaneous attack even though they watched it via a live video feed.  I believe the President was ready for this because he tried to steer the conversation back to Libya and Romney did not take the bait.  Instead he decided that the President’s actions or lack of will play out in the court of public opinion.  And if Republicans keep pushing for answers, it will stay on the radar.  Romney’s move not to take the Libya bait appeared to frustrate Obama.  It was at this point that Obama decided to launch personal attacks against Romney and I believe it backfired because it is beneath the office he holds.  Below is clip of the entire debate.  If you didn’t see it take the time to watch it now.

YouTube Preview Image

Mitt Romney accomplished his goals and he did it with a smile.  He looked Presidential.  Obama on the other hand might have scored some points, but in the end looked small and petty because he couldn’t stay away from going negative.  He looked like a community organizer and not the President of the United States.

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