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Women and Issues

“In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the work place, specifically regarding females making only 72% of what their male counterparts earned?”

The response from both candidates amounted to pathetic pandering and nothing about the future.  When asked about what NEW ways they would rectify the inequalities, Obama responded with something he did in the first month of his presidency.  Romney responded with his now infamous “binders full of women” response.

Now let’s consider that this was a foreign policy debate and that this 72% number is likely as substantiated as Donald Trumps hairline.  Attempt to do a good research on what the number actually is and you’re going to spin into a mess.  Interestingly, almost all of the places I found numbers showed that when Obama took office women made about 74-80% of what men make.  So much for that Ledbetter Act working out eh?

Specifics in debates are about as rare as soap in an Occupy crowd.  In fact, the candidates are trained not to give specifics if they can help it.  Even when they do give specific answers, they are usually lies or competing with fishing stories for the degree of embellishment.  There is a way to judge between the two on any given subject without looking at the specifics – it’s to look at the underlying content.  In other words, what message is the candidate trying to get across?

So let me wrap up the two longwinded answers for you.

Romney – I tried to hire women, I hired a bunch of women, I gave them flexible hours so that they could go home and take care of their families.

Obama – I signed a law, Romney didn’t, I am for abortion and free contraceptives, Romney is not.  (Oh, and you can get free mammograms at Planned Parenthood).

The left first went nuts with their faux anger over the “binders” comment because, after all, having such a binder is offensive…right?  After the meme nuts decided they had done enough to justify their existence in the world the left needed to show women that they were still angry – so they went back to his comments about giving women flexible hours.

“I recognized that if you’re going to have women in the workforce that sometimes you need to be more flexible.”

AHA!  Did you see it?  He said “if”!  This can only mean that he reluctantly accepts that some women get into the work place (unlike the slave of a wife he keeps at home) and therefore employers have to be flexible so that they can get home and do the job that God intended for them to have.   Women should be cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, and having large families.  After all, that is the Mormon stereotype the “always accepting” left is singing isn’t it?

I wonder, though, how many women who are in the work place wouldn’t appreciate this exact stance if it was their employer making it.  Most working women also tend to be mothers and most of them care about their children and families.  Heaven forbid we condone facilitating that part of their responsibilities!  Mitt’s statement didn’t negate the same sort of flexibility for men, but the implication will be forever made by rabid lefties.

There’s still a contrast to be made though – and that goes to Obama’s statement.  Why is it horrible to imply that many women in the work place also feel a great responsibility at home, but totally hip to imply that what women sex-crazed individuals who want to irresponsibly have sex and have others pay for their contraceptives?  Is this the big defining issue for women?

The great irony is that feminism spent decades attempting to redefine women as something more than just a portion of the human race that can reproduce.  I can agree with that much; that women aren’t just uteruses.  But democrats seem to think that’s all they are – people that have organs that we must control.  Even in an argument about equal pay the left still managed to steer it back to “girl parts”.

Perhaps the endometrium has become the new dermis of the democrats. For decades they have re-enslaved black men and women with free housing, food, and medical care for the steady harvest of votes.  What has it done for the black community?

The answer to both “women’s issues” and “racial issues” is simplistic; that all men are created equally.  No woman should make less, but no woman should be given more for simply being a woman.  No black man should be treated differently in any circumstance: positive or negative.  So Mitt shouldn’t have had binders and black people shouldn’t have appropriations.  We are brothers and sisters of the same Creator.


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