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No excuses, no apologies, no retreat…vote for love of country!

This it!  The hour is upon us.  You will have a choice to make tomorrow.  Will we stand by an allow freedom and liberty to slip through our fingers or will we take the first step to reestablish the institutions that made America great?  Will we be the generation that fails the next or will we be the generation that saves their future?  Tomorrow when you are voting think about the America you knew when you were a child.  Think about the America your parents and grandparents knew.  Think about the America that stormed the beaches of Normandy.  Think about the America that put the first man on moon.  Think about what America once was and what America can be again with the right leadership.  Then think about Obama’s America.  It’s time to take the wheel from him and steer us back to greatness.  Clint Eastwood put this election into perspective when he said, “we own this country…and when someone does not do the job we gotta let them go.”  That pretty much says it all my friends.  It’s time to let Obama go.  Please watch the below video and think about your responsibility as a citizen of this great nation.  You must act.  Tomorrow you will have that chance.

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It’s time to stop settling for the scraps government throws our way.  It’s time to embrace liberty and fulfill our destiny as the generation that stepped up and saved America.  No excuses.  No apologies. No retreat.  Vote for love of country!

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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