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Warning: Conservative pundits like Bill Kristol will destroy the Republican Party

How any conservative can say with a straight face that raising taxes on anyone no matter rich or poor is a good thing is beyond me; however this is exactly what some conservative pundits are suggesting.  The below video is our video of the week.  It should act as a reminder of what is wrong with the Republican Party.  Check it out.

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Just because the Democrats have done a good job with their class warfare rhetoric and have managed to convince a large number of uninformed Americans that those who have achieved success and wealth in America are evil doesn’t make them right. Instead of the Republicans caving in again and shifting their party platform a little farther to the left, maybe they should stand by their principles of lower taxes for all and craft a narrative that not only supports this position but is attractive to the people.  Herman Cain was on to something with his 999 plan.  It resonated with a large number of people.  That was until the left attacked his character and forced him out of the race.

This is what Republicans need to be selling.  A simplistic plan that everyone understands and that people will get behind.  Not a 51 point plan or another Contract with America.  They need to sell an idea that is popular and appealing and nothing is more popular than money and making the IRS go away.  That’s what a flat tax will do.  If we had a 10 percent flat tax across the board with no loop holes and zero deductions no matter how much you earned there would no longer be a need for the IRS.  People would buy into this because they will love the simplicity of it and they will embrace the idea of the IRS going away.  Now how hard was that?  But for some unknown reason the Republicans in congress can’t wrap their brains around this idea.  Instead they waste countless hours trying to figure out ways to reinvent themselves.  It’s absolutely maddening.  If the Republican Party listens to pundits like Bill Kristol, they will lead them to their demise.  It might not be in two years or four years, but mark my words the party will fracture apart because they will continue to lose elections.  And no one wants to bet on a loser.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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