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Is it Time for Conservatives to Form a Third Party? Updated and Stickied!

I have to admit that over the last several years, I have been torn about whether or not there is a need for Conservatives to leave the Republican party and either form a new third party, or join one of the small, already extant, Conservative parties. I have been on both sides of the fence, so to speak, and have been unable to come to a full decision. A recent comment on another post prompted me to again consider the issue. I think it’s time we revisit this debate

First up, the “leave the Republicrats” side of the debate:

We are tired, as Conservatives, with the Republicans talking Conservative on election day, and then doing the following

  1. Growing the government
  2. Increasing spending
  3. NOT fighting to shrink government and regulation
  4. Backing down from the liberals on social issues

We believe that every election cycle, we are subjected to platitudes and empty promises, soon to be broken after the the polls close. We also believe that there is no “conservative way” to do big government. The two are mutually exclusive, and the very idea does not represent what a majority of rank and file Republicans believe. Research shows that they are overwhelmingly Conservative, and history shows that they not being served by the Republican Party.

The issue is that the core of the Republican Party is moderate. Moderates sit in positions of power, and either control and/or contribute large sums of money to the party. Consequently, moderates, at least at the national level, have far too much control. They are not likely to relinquish this control and seem to look at Conservatives with contempt. They compromise and cooperate with the Marxists on the left, and leave us betrayed and angry. They have failed us on so many occasions, there are many willing to leave the party altogether. Still others have “dropped out” entirely, and are waiting for a party that will represent them.

Now, the Republicans in the Congress are poised to engage in “bi-partisanship.” This, losoely translated, is “capitulate.” Is this what we want? Do we want a party of moderates that will capitulate to tax increases? Do we wnat a party that will state that “ObamaCare is the law of he land?” Do we want a party of Boehners, and Romney’s, or do we want a party of patriots the embrace freedom?

Then, we need to look at how the establishment Republicans treated the Tea Party, and their candidates. How many were undermined, or passed over for committees of importance? How many were not supported by the national party, only to go down in defeat? Yes, the Tea Party forces were able to “primary” some establishment GOP candidates, but how many more people at the local and state level were defeated by unethical tactics, so the RINO’s could retain power?

Conservatives do not want to have to chose between Demicans and Republicrats, or socialism, and “socialism lite.” We want a real Conservative choice, a party that will act like Conservatives AFTER the election. We want a party that will REALLY shrink the size and scope of government, and restore it to it’s constitutional limit.


Now, for the “We must re-take the Republican Party” side:

Breaking away from the Republican Party plays into the hands of the left. With resistance to them split, they can ram whatever socialist legislation they want down our throats. We would not have the power to stop them. We barely do now. They will take over health care, regulate talk radio out of existence, regulate the Internet, raise taxes to impossibly high rates, create a debt that will enslave out children, pass environmental regulations that would kill American industry and jobs, and ruin this great nation, perhaps permanently.

The fact is this; we need a well established and funded party hierarchy to achieve our goals. Starting a new party, even if successful, would take years to accomplish-years that we do not have.

Admittedly, The Republican party is not perfect – we have our internal struggles, but there IS a difference between the parties. Would Reagan have attempted to deceive the people with a single payer system that will eventually ration care and kill Americans? Would either Bush have coddled communist dictators, and undermined democracies in Central America? Would any Republican administration have gone overseas to apologize to the dictators of the world, while at the same time throwing Israel under the bus? Would any Republican administration support a Marxist redistribution scheme concocted in the name of “saving the Earth?” I think not.

We have to realize that even with 40% of the population defining themselves as Conservatives, it’s still not enough to win an election out right. Like it or not, we need the moderates. That being said, we need to remind them that we, as Conservatives, are in the majority. They need to realize that if they do not listen to us, we WILL eventually leave. We need to exert our influence over the party and make sure that the promises made in the campaign are translated into action. We also need to weed the RINO’s out of the party. They are worse than moderates, as they have shown a willingness to betray us anytime doing so would enhance their own personal position. If they leave the party, that’s well and good.

If given the choice, capturing the Republican Party is the most expedient way to forward our agenda. Creating a new party out of thin air will take resources, and more importantly, time. We have neither of those in abundance, especially when confronted with Obama and his socialist agenda. The danger is simply too great.


That what I have read or heard from others, this covers some of the major points of this issue. This is a worthy debate to have at this time, especially as consequences of the President’s policies become increasingly apparent. However, he and his allies will spin, lie, deny, and blame all of the negatives away. At the same time, I believe we have to start looking to the future and how we can best take our ideals and put them into action. I’m still on the fence with this issue. A year ago, I was all for leaving the party. Now, the risk of failure and the possible consequences of said failure, are making me more cautious. No matter what we do, failure is NOT an option.

Note: This is a slightly revised post from 2009. Surprisingly, not a lot needed updating. The main issues remain. The question is if we need to explore another option. Also, with the site outage on Monday, I thought I’d leave this at the top of the page. Hopefully, we can have a debate here.


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I believe that future generations should have the same opportunities that myself, and those that came before me, had. My parents taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do. I don’t want to have to tell my daughter, “You can do whatever the government tells you to do.” We are at a crossroads in this country; are we going to be free, or are we going to be slaves to the nanny state. I choose freedom. I can be found at the Conservative Hideout, or at the Conservative Hideout RapidFire

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  • CI November 20, 2012 at 5:22 AM

    Full disclosure, I’m a card carrying Libertarian…..albeit a Conservative. Though the LP has it’s share of issues which are a detriment to gaining electoral success on the national level…..I can’t see a spin off from the GOP, as outlined above, shifting my support away from them.

    Economic liberty and individual liberty are of equal import…and a party that backs social conservatism is missing half the equation. This is only predicated on what is written above, so I may not be envisioning the actual outcome of such an enterprise.
    CI recently posted..Definition of the DayMy Profile

  • MatUSA November 20, 2012 at 6:51 AM

    To be honest, I don’t understand how the 2-parties system could stand that long. The last 3 or 4 election cycles it’s all coming down to voting for the “less evil” solution, without any real alternative for half of the voters. 3rd party is long overdue.

  • Silverfiddle November 20, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Despite what the left in the Obama-owned news media is saying, the GOP is not finished. The Dems squeaked out a win.

    A third party is a road to hell. Reform from within, no matter how unlikely that may be, is the only option.
    Silverfiddle recently posted..California: Canary in the Coal MineMy Profile

  • John Galt November 20, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    For a third party to succeed even in a limited way – get members elected to either the Senate or the House – you need to move to Europe, or at least change our complete electoral system – state and federal – to mimic the proportional representation systems of Europe. That done, follow the path of Europe to social-democratic governments. Do all that while you put your hands over your eyes so you cannot see the failure of Europe.

  • Bunkerville November 20, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    The GOP continues it’s increase in State elections. Politico has a post out- a few days ago. We picked up several more states. Fewer Gopers voted this time than McCain. The news of our death is premature. Time for some young Turks to take the old men on.
    Bunkerville recently posted..Reporter slams State Dept on silence over IsraelMy Profile

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