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Peace and Mideast Rhyme

While deleting all of my emails where I spelled “Obama” as “Osama” in fear that the Senate bill that bypasses the 4th Amendment and mistake me as a terrorist correspondent from Reuters, I considered the promising statement made by Obama about Israel, “There’s no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.”  For the first time in a while Osama Obama and I agree.  Which is why I am fully behind is stance to stop the drone attacks in countries we haven’t declared war.  *pause*

I’m also with the President for calling out Iran for supplying Palestinians with weapons in Gaza.  I’m a bit curious as to why he didn’t actually stop the supply ship that intelligence revealed.  Well, it’s likely that he just never got briefed about it until after the fact.  He has a history of not knowing about weapons crossing borders.  Syrian and Iranian rebels certainly wish that the US had a gun walker program in their region.

Still, I’m taken back by all of this Mideast turmoil.  I thought Obama ended this stuff after he got to power.  And didn’t Clinton and Carter bring peace to the region too?  Obama personally saw to peaceful democracies taking over in Libya and Egypt.  He ended terrorism when he killed Osama.  He boldly visited Israel once four years ago when running for President – certainly everyone knows we’re their undeterred ally.  He even had a couple of phone conversation with Netanyahu when he came to town.  The President ended the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan that were just making Muslims hate us and started using smarter bombs to take out schools, hospitals, terrorists.  On top of all of that, he spoke healing to the region when he gave his apology tour visited four years ago.

I’m sure as I write this there will be a ceasefire agreement in Israel, but the pot simmers while arms cross boarders, evil regimes rise, and we continue to stoke the region with our lengthy stick wherever there is potential for fire.  It seems every time we creep into the Mideast the world only gets more chaotic.  Fortunately for us the greatest threats to our national security revolve around infidelities and global warming.


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