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The Greatest Show on Earth “THE FISCAL CLIFF”

Everyone knows the news cycle drives the topics that Americans focus on.  The current news cycle is focusing on the “fiscal cliff’ and these secret discussions going on behind closed doors to avert a fiscal disaster at the turn of the year.  This so called “fiscal cliff” is a crisis that was completely manufactured by Washington D.C. politicians when they failed to act last year.  It’s an environment that Washington politicians feed off of because it’s nothing more than political theater.  They have an opportunity to grandstand and make empty promises to their constituents.  But in the end it’s nothing more than a show being put on for the American people by both major parties.  It provides the perfect venue for them to do what they do best…lie to the public and look good at doing it.  The entire point of this empty exercise is to see which party can make the sale.  That’s where the money is made.

The truth is President Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and Republican/Democrat leaders in both the House and Senate have more than likely already struck a deal on the fiscal cliff behind closed doors.  This is how it works in Washington.  Why do you think these meetings are so secretive?  They’re not discussing how to advert the fiscal cliff, they’ve already done that.  They’re strategizing on how to sell the crap sandwich they already agreed on to members in their own parties and the American people. Here’s how it works.

Each side floats phony proposals to see how it is received by its members and the American people.  The more outrageous the proposal the better it is for the party proposing it.  Just look at the one Obama floated yesterday.  Essentially no spending cuts, $1.6 trillion in tax increases, exclusive power given to the President to raise the debt ceiling, and an increase in taxes for individuals making over $200,000.  See how outrageous this proposal is.  No one in their right mind would agree to it; but that’s not its purpose.  Its purpose is to create the illusion of sacrifice and compromise.  You need to keep in mind that this is all happening under presumption that a deal has already been agreed to behind closed doors.  So everything we’re seeing and watching is for show.

So when the President and Democrats are willing to move off their original crazy proposal to a more modest proposal of say small spending cuts, tax increases on individuals making $250,000 and up, and congress agreeing to raise the debt ceiling, they look like they willing to compromise even though the compromise is still a crap sandwich and gives them pretty much what that wanted from the start.  And if they can sell it to the American people that they’re the party willing to compromise then they will indeed get what they want.  This is where the Democrats excel.  They know how to both scare and at the same time tug on the heart strings of the American people.  The Republicans struggle with this because their argument is numbers based.  And let’s face it most people don’t care about the numbers anymore.  Most care about what’s in it for them.

Folks once again we’re being played.  In my opinion the deal is done and we need to see this for what it is; nothing more than a show.  This is why the Republicans were so quick to float the idea of raising taxes because they already know a tax rate increase is part of the final deal.  This is how business gets done in Washington behind closed doors. The other day Rand Paul described how this is going to play out.  Check out the below video and listen to what he says starting at the 45 second mark.

YouTube Preview Image

Get it.  He already knows what’s coming and I’m in agreement because I believe the deal is already done.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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