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Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Benghazi

Every time I think about the men who died during the Benghazi attack on 9-11-2012 my stomach turns.  How could we leave our own to die?  Why isn’t anyone being held accountable almost three months later?  Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton fired or forced to resign?  Who gave the stand down order?  Why were so many requests for extra security denied?  Someone knows the truth about what happen on that terrible day.  Someone knows who gave the stand down order.  Someone knows why numerous requests for additional security were ignored.  Don’t these people have any honor or integrity?  Will they remain cowards hiding in the shadows or find the courage to step out into the light and reveal the truth?  This all makes me sick.  It should make every red, white, and blue American sick.  We need answers and cannot allow this to fade away.  They’re trying to run the clock out on this .  They’re trying to bury the truth with the men who died serving their nation.  Below is a video tribute for the men who died on that day.

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Thanks go out to Jim over at Conservatives On Fire for bringing this video to my attention.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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