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Why wasn’t there a “Red Line” moment for Benghazi?

I have not hidden the fact that I believe Hillary Clinton should be fired or forced to resign as Secretary of State because of her failures in the loss of four American lives in the Benghazi attack on 9-11-2012.  She admitted she was ultimately responsible for their deaths and call me silly I believe she should be held accountable for it. In my opinion if Hillary had a sliver of honor or integrity she would have resigned immediately after it was revealed that her State Department ignored repeated request by Ambassador Stevens to enhance the security posture at the Benghazi consulate. Instead she has been allowed to keep her job and gallivant around the world looking strong and determined, warning Syria that the use of Chemicals Weapons are a “red line” for the United States. Check out the below video.

YouTube Preview Image

Now don’t get me wrong the use of chemical weapons by any nation on its own citizens is absolutely unacceptable; however Hillary failed to take the necessary security steps to prevent the murder of four of our own in Libya.  Where was the “red line” in regards to Benghazi?  Maybe the “red line” should have been when terrorists used an IED to blow a massive hole in the wall around the consulate in Benghazi in June 2012.  Maybe it should have been when Ambassador Stevens repeatedly requested more security at the consulate.

Hillary talks about actions the U.S. will take if there is credible evidence of Syria using chemical weapons against its people yet ignored all the credible evidence that telegraphed trouble for the Benghazi consulate.  Why did she blame a video when she knew the attack had nothing to do with a video?  I’ll tell you why, because she wanted to protect the President two months out from the election.  She shamelessly and purposely mislead the American people and is getting away with it.  The loss of four brave Americans is directly linked to the inability of her office to draw the “red line” in regards to the protection of American lives.  It’s absolutely mind boggling to me that after all this she still keeps her job..  How does she get through this unscathed?

Maybe it’s time for Americans to draw their own “red line” and contact their elected officials and remind them of their responsibility.  We cannot allow Hillary to round third and slide into home plate for the win.  We need to tag her out and send her team home.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire December 4, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    To my way of thinking, Hillary and several others, including President Obama should be empeached and tried as criminals. I suspect the reason fr not having much in the wat of decurity in Benghazi and the failure to respond to the attack had to do with what our government was up to in the months prior to the attacks, which appears to be illegal gun smuggling from Libya to Syria.
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    • John Carey December 5, 2012 at 5:39 AM

      I agree that if the President intentionally mislead the American people for the sake of political gain during the 2012 elections he and everyone under him that was directly involved in this event should be held accountable. The reason why this won’t happen is because the MSM isn’t going to ask the hard questions and help refocus the American people’s attention back on the issue. And as long as the attention of the American are on issues like the fiscal cliff there is no political will to go after the President.

      Just look at the fast and furious issue. We have an AG being held in contempt by congress and not even that has forced Holder to resign. These people are shameless and have very little if any integrity Jim so never expect them to do the honorable thing because they have no honor. This is why they’re going to get away with it in regards to Benghazi. It takes courage to do the right thing and unfortunately there is very little courage in Washington these days.
      John Carey recently posted..Why wasn’t there a “Red Line” moment for Benghazi?My Profile

  • Steve Dennis December 4, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    It is absolutely disgraceful that Hillary Clinton is going to be allowed to step down gracefully and with full honors when she should have been fired on the spot for doing nothing to protect these four heroes and then for covering it up. When I see this happen I realize that America is simply not the same country it once was.
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    • John Carey December 5, 2012 at 5:44 AM

      Steve it’s not the same country it once was because the left has created a dependent state. People simply do not see the government as an intrusive liberty stealing entity any more. They see the government as a good thing that helps them. So when we have government officials do bad things or fail in their duty there is no will to hold them accountable. There is also a certain amount of apathy in terms of no matter what I say or do nothing with change. This apathy plays into their hand and allows them to get away with things that they could never get away with in an America 20 years ago. It’s quite sad.
      John Carey recently posted..Why wasn’t there a “Red Line” moment for Benghazi?My Profile

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