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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Losing Ourselves Edition)

When tragic events occur in our “free” society many people tend to default to looking for a political solution to solve the problems.  When the unthinkable happened this past Friday at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut all of us were affected in some way by this tragic event.  I know for me when I first learned that a gunman murdered 20 school children and 6 adults my heart sank.  All I could think about were the families and community and the massive sense of loss they must have felt and are feeling.  The emptiness in their hearts must be simply overwhelming.  I won’t even begin to claim that I understand the pain they’re going through because I personally have never had to deal with the loss of a child.  All I could do was pray for the families and hope the healing process begins sooner than later. I know it will be very difficult because people have so many unanswered questions about the shooter and what would have caused him to enter an elementary school and kill 26 children and adults.  The same questions were asked when Jame Holmes entered a movie theater in Aurora Colorado back in July and killed 12 people wounding another 58.

As for me my answers came in the late 1990s while I was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base.  I remember a news story about a homeless man killing another homeless man in Kansas City and no gun was used.  Two men got in to an altercation over 10 cents and one killed the other.  I instantly thought, this is how much value one human being placed on the life of another; a dime.  It was then I realized where we were heading as a society.  We were heading in a direction where the importance of human life was being diminished.  This is the society progressives have worked so hard to achieve via the made up assertion that there must be a separation between church and state.  By working to remove God from public institutions they are slowly achieving their goals of a God-less society.  A society that places very little value on human life.  A society that replaces the moral laws of God with the laws of men.  This is a society that embraces death panels and promotes end of life counseling in lieu of life extending medicine.  This is a society that champions abortion of the unborn and calls it pro-choice.  This is a society that removes all references of God from our public schools and cancels Christmas plays in the name of inclusiveness.  We are lost because everything that once was good no longer has a place in our society.  We are adrift because we have nothing to anchor ourselves to; our traditions and customs have been compromised.  We are losing our morals as a society and are now beginning to reap the consequences of it.   We are becoming the people our founders feared could not keep the republic.  We are losing our ability to govern our own actions.  We are losing ourselves and this is what we need to truly examine because it’s the root cause of our problems.  No new gun law or adding more school security will solve these problems.  Taking a hard look at ourselves and the society we have become will.  Because in the end until we address the self, we will never be able to understand the why.  Now on to the links.

Below are outstanding  articles from conservative bloggers.  Please take some time and hit the links and check them out.  These good people work hard to bring you the stories that the mainstream media refuses to report, so hit their tip jars if they have them.  Tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the links.

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Zilla of the Resistance: Death Throes of a Dinosaur

Thanks for all the great articles.  Keep fighting the good fight and have a great week.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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