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second-birthday-part-deuxWell we made it to our second year.  To be honest when we first started this site we really didn’t know where we were going to go with it.  We just decided to write what was on our mind.  We wanted to do something different and offer readers a different perspective on every day events.  We didn’t know how many people it would reach or how many folks would even care about what we had to say.  The one thing we knew was advancing liberty and freedom had to be a key component of this site.  I’ve always believed that the answer to our problems can be found in the wisdom of our founders.  Their timeless wisdom and deep understanding of human nature and the nature of government is a source all patriots must tap into.  Now more than ever we need a heavy dose of their guidance. I only ope we have achieved this goal in the minds of our readers.

The past two years have been a great experience,  My fellow bloggers have helped me grow in the political sense.  We thank all our regular readers for keeping the discussion lively even when you don’t agree with a post.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention of few bloggers by name who have been very good to us.  I would like to thank Matt at Conservative Hideout for being a great sounding board and helping me get past November 6th.  A thank you goes out to Steve over at America’s Watchtower for staying on top of the scandals and for taking the time to add value to the conversation here.  Thanks go out to Jim at Conservatives on Fire for fighting the good fight to save our nation from abroad.  I would like to thank Larry over at Political Realities for his common sense approach when it comes to addressing our nation’s problems.  Thank you KingShamus over at Blog de KingShamus for being so good to us.  Thank you TexasFred over at The Texas Fred Blog for the direct and honest articles you write.  Thank you Mike over at the Classic Liberal for always reminding me that both political parties are part of the problem.  Additionally I would like to thank Teresa, Bunkerville, Silverfiddle, Steve, proof, Adrienne, Manhattan Infidel, Fuzzy Logic, Harrison, Spellchek, Randy, and William for linking to our articles and contributing to the discussion.  You guys are great.  And finally we would like thank all who have linked to us in their blogrolls.  It means a great deal to us.

So we are officially two and look forward to another great year of thinking outside of the box to come up with solutions to save our great nation.  We will continue to fight to advance the cause of liberty and freedom and look forward to the continued exchange of ideas with our fellow bloggers.  Thank you again for supporting our little blog.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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