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No more secret deals: It’s time for conservatives to put Obama on defense

obama_shush_lgI’ve been saying for some time now that John Boehner must go.  And it finally looks as if there’s some momentum in congress to make this happen in the aftermath of the “Plan B” fiasco that occurred this past Thursday night and the purging of fiscally minded conservatives from key committee positions.  After two years of leading the Republicans to a place called nowhere, Republicans are now beginning to see the damage that Speaker Boehner is doing to the party.  In fact over the last two years Boehner has predictably caved in on every major spending issue that he has had to face.   You can read about the move to unseat Boehner over at America’s Watchtower.

President Obama has used Boehner’s predictability against Republicans.  He has been able to shape the narrative and paint the Republican Party as the party that wants to pollute the environment, kill grandma, and hold the American people hostage by not wanting to raise taxes on the upper two percent and Boehner has failed miserably to refute any of these claims.  He is a Speaker who is more concerned with how he looks than taking steps that actually address the problems.  And because he’s more worried about political optics he comes across as weak and ineffective.  He finds solace in negotiating our future away behind closed doors.  He’s a coward

Obama knows Boehner.  He knows Boehner would rather get things done behind closed doors because it hides him from the truth.  He also knows Boehner’s heart and that there’s no will to fight or shut down the government.  This is why I believe a deal was cut long before this debate occurred.  Obama and Boehner have been meeting secretly for some time now.  Why?  A few Republicans in congress believe the best way to turn this against Obama is to stop the closed door meetings and have an open debate on the floor about spending and tax rates.  I absolutely agree.  When you allow these negotiations to go on behind closed doors the American people are left in the dark and each side can say whatever they want whether it’s true or not.  Deals are cut and agreements are reached between a select few and we lose our representation.  It’s truly taxation with representation when only a few people in Washington are sitting at a table deciding our fate.  When our representatives are afraid to speak up and vote their conscience because they feel pressured not to go against the party line or risk being ostracized how are we being represented?  We’re not.  If you want to shape the narrative and turn this around on Obama and the progressives it’s time to do something the left has no desire to do; have an open debate.

No more secret deals.  No more hiding the truth from the American people.  We should have learned this lesson with the closed door negotiations in regards to Obamacare.  Remember Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to know what was in it.  Well we’re starting to see what’s in it and it’s not good.  If a quarter of the garbage that is buried in Obamacare was debated and discussed openly on the House floor do you really think representatives would have been so quick to support it?  My guess is no.  It’s one thing voting for a bill you didn’t read.  You can claim you didn’t know what was in the bill as many have done.  But when you verbalize what’s in the bill and actually debate the points, you go on record knowing exactly what you voted for making your actions much more difficult to defend.  And this is how conservatives can turn this around against Obama and the progressives.  If you want the American people to see how bad progressive policies are, you have to get them out in the open.  You must shine the light of truth on them and discuss them.  This is something left doesn’t want.  They prefer closed door negotiations.  And when John Boehner goes along we play into their hand.   Conservatism wins over and over when you stand it up side by side with progressivism.

When given a choice, people almost always choose conservative policies over progressive policies.  But the only way this happens is to have an open debate.  I guarantee that if the American people could see how increased tax rates on the upper two percent hurt jobs and the economy and how spending is the real problem the Republicans would regain the momentum.  Republicans would be able to shape the narrative and paint the Democrats as the party that wants to bankrupt Medicare, Social Security, and place an enormous amount of debt on the backs of our children stealing their future.  Talk about turning it back on the left.  If Republicans want to put Obama and his progressive ilk on defense they need to cease all secret negotiations with Obama and Democratic leaders and inform them that future discussions on this issue will be transparent and on the House/Senate floor.    That’s how we win this fight no matter who the Speaker of the House is or will be.  Contact you representative and demand they bring an end to secret backroom deals and debate the fiscal cliff openly.  Demand transparency.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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