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For Those of You That Thought ACORN was Done with Voter Fraud, Think Again

We are all aware of what ACORN was. It was the regressive juggernaut that mastered the flooding of the voting registration system-jamming so many false registrations into the system that it would be overwhelmed, and not be able to track them, all. They did it all, from flooding voter registrations, to harassing and intimidating people, or just jamming things up with failure, ACORN was the place where the rent-a-mob gathered.

Then, after being repeatedly exposed as the criminal enterprise that they were, ACORN dissolved itself. The media declared them dead. The left said that the investigations and exposes were all racist, but now ACORN was no more, and no one should ever look into anything ever again.

However, it wasn’t the end of ACORN. Instead of going bust, all of the state and mission specific divisions reopened the next day with new names. In most cases, they were in a new building, and with the same staff. Accuracy in Media has a great article with the following image included…

As you can see. ACORN really didn’t go out of business. They changed names, and killed off the well known parent organization. That’s all. And, how much do you want to bet that they are up to the same illegal activities?

I don’t think I need to answer that. At any rate, read the rest of linked article, as it shows how all aspects of the voter fraud scheme interacts.


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