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My world, my life, my wife…Happy Anniversary

Twenty years ago today I married an amazing woman.  She is my world and my life.  Throughout the years we have had our share of good times and trying times; but no matter what life has thrown at us we have always found the shade in the sun, the shelter in the rain and the warmth in the cold in each other’s arms.  God has indeed blessed us in ways that can’t be numbered.

Looking back on the day we were married I remember how scared I was.  I was a afraid of the unknown, commitment, and losing my freedom.  I was a  shallow minded jock living in the moment and unsure about the direction my life was heading.  The only truth I knew was that I loved her and in her I found the one who completed my heart.  The one who helped anchor my life to reason and common sense and I’m a better man because of it.  I owe her so much.

So to my wife I want to thank her for the 20 richest years of my life.  I would not trade even one of our more trying days for all the gold in the world, because it was in those trying times our relationship grew and our love for each other became stronger.  You are my world and my life…forever and for always.

I love you.


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