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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (It’s COLD edition)


Well it’s COLD  here in North Dakota.  It’s so cold here the snowmen are putting on winter coats.  The wind chills today were around -25 degrees.  Where is all that global warming we hear so much about.  I can tell you where it’s not.  Any way my linkfest is getting out so late because I got extremely busy today and completely lost track of the time.  So on to the links.

Below are links to articles by conservative bloggers.  Take the time to check them out and while you’re there hit their tip jars if they have them.  These fine people work hard to expose the progressive lies and bring you the truth.  So tee it up and enjoy a frigid SENTRY JOURNAL round at the links.

nd windchill

A Conservative Teacher: Obama Called Fascist by Lots of People This Week… could he be fascist?

Ace of Spades: Guns & Hunting Thread

Adrienne’s Corner: Bill Whittle: Something uplifting for the weekend…

America’s Chronicle: Our “Dumb Democracy”: Minimum Wage Laws – Part 11

American Glob: Let’s Have Tougher Penalties For Gun Traffickers Says… Eric Holder

American Perspective: Barack’s Libya Attacks Algeria and Mali. Europe Next? CNN video

America’s Watchtower: Barack Obama nominates one of the men behind Fast and Furious for ATF Director

ARRA News Service: When Government Can’t Be Trusted?

Atlas Shrugs: Hitlerian Press: Obama’s “the Second Coming”

blogsense-by-barb: No Law, No Freedom

Blog de KingShamus: Conservatives Don’t Have To Fix The National Republican Party

Breitbart: Sen. Schumer: NRA Fringe Group, Doesn’t Represent Average Gun Owners

BUNKERVILLE: VIDEOS Attorney General Eric Holder Said What About Gun Trafficking?

Catholibertarian: Sen. Rand Paul: Obama Is Not ‘King’

Capitol Commentary: Algiers Gas Plant Attack By al Qaeda a Reminder Terror Group Never Went Away

Conservatives on Fire: A Progressive Plan To Care For The Useless?

Conservative Hideout 2.0: King Obama Signs Rights Away Against a Backdrop of Children

COMMON CENTS: “What did you think of LAST NIGHTS Inauguration?”


Hot Air: Vilification of NRA going about as well as you’d expect

iOwnTheWorld: Wait, Maybe the Guns Really Are Going Off On Their Own

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Obama’s Gun Grab: Liberty In The Crosshairs

Laughing Conservative: Obama’s oath

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: British MP Daniel Hannan delivers electrifying take down of Occupy

Libertas and Latte: Show this to all of your friends who are confused about “assault weapons”

Liberty At Stake: Demotivational Inauguration 2013

Libertarian Republican: Muslims in UK release Video showing burning of bra poster advertisements

Maggie’s Notebook: John Lott on Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Legislation

Manhattan Infidel: Willie Wonka Shuts Down his Chocolate Factory

Moonbattery: Speak Up

Motorcitytimes: Where Have All The (Hollywood) Action Heroes Gone?

NUKE’S: *CRASH**BANG**POW* Original BatMobile Sells For $4.2Million

Pirate’s Cove: NY Times Writer Demonizes People With Depression, Wants Their Right To A Gun Taken Away

Politics et al: The GOP’s leading voice on foreign affairs says “Yay, Morsi!”

Political Clown Parade: Only Madmen Remain

Political Realities: Guns Across America Rallies Support For 2nd Amendment

Proof Positive: This Was Your Best Shot?

Randy’s Roundtable: Guns Across America

Right Truth: They really DO want to take your guns

rjjrdq’s America II: Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

Say Anything Blog: Our Government Is Operating As Though It Has No Constitution

Spellchek: Obama executive actions on gun control already a success…

teresamerica: Twins Euthanized Because They Were Going Blind

Texas Conservative News: Drastic Cuts in Defense by Obama Admin = Border Security Disaster

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: I’m Curious…Are You? #Gun Use NOT In The National News


The BLAZE: San Antonio Mayor Predicts: Texas Is Going ‘Purple’ Soon

The Camp Of The Saints: What The Future Holds: Barack’s Eurovision

The Classic Liberal: theCL Report: We’re Statists

The Daley Gator: Another Day, another Marxist Moron

The Foundry: A Year Later, Keystone XL Still a Good Decision

The Lonely Conservative: CBS Political Director Called On Obama To Pulverize GOP

THE OTHER McCAIN: Democrats: The Party of Criminals

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

THE rightscoop: Ted Cruz talks the Second Amendment, debt ceiling on Meet the Press

The TexasFred Blog: A Look at what is WRONG with America

Theo Spark: “Liberals With Guns!” – Wild Bill

ToBeRIGHT: Gun Control: All You Need To Know

TOTUS: Inauguration Day January 21, 2012: Cost over $100 Million

Virgina Right: Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

WARD WORLD: Bob Schieffer Compares Obama Gun Control to Defeating Nazis

What Would The Founders Think: Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste


WyBlog: Even in Blue Jersey gun permit applications are soaring


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Thanks for all the outstanding articles.  Stay warm and have a great week.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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