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Anti-Gun Journalists Wouldn’t Advertise it at Their own Homes


Here’s an anti-gun story that I frankly forgot to cover. However, since gun control is still on the radar, it’s still good to look at liberal hypocrisy in action. Frugal Cafe has more…

In December, The Journal News in suburban New York had no problem with publicizing online the names and addresses of American citizens who legally own guns, just as the names and addresses of convicted sex offenders are provided to the public. The interactive map of law-abiding gun owners in three New York counties put targets on their backs, and it alerted bad guys of who in those counties are not gun owners.

The website Gawker proudly ripped off the idea, going deeper into the slime well by calling all law-abiding gun owners “crazy a$$holes” and publishing the addresses and phone numbers of thousands of gun owners in New York City.

Since then, several home break-ins have been linked to or attributed to Journal News’ controversial online map. I predicted this, other conservatives predicted this, even former bad guys predicted this would happen. Journal News gave the coyotes the keys to the henhouse, making both gun owners and non-gun owners easy targets for criminals. Many of those on the list were police officers, prison guards, and people who provide armed protection for the wealthy and powerful.

Here is the video of Project Veritas asking thse folks to put a sign on their lawn, stating that they are anti gun. Let’s see what happens…

Funny, they had no problem with exposing others, but they apparently don’t believe their own rhetoric enough to put a sign up at their own home. Funny, isn’t it?


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