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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (No Opposition Edition)


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines opposition as:

  • 1 : a configuration in which one celestial body is opposite another (as the sun) in the sky or in which the   elongation is near or equal to 180 degrees
  • 2: the relation between two propositions having the same subject and predicate but differing in quantity or quality or both
  • 3: an act of setting opposite or over against : the condition of being so set
  • 4 : hostile or contrary action or condition
  • 5 a : something that opposes; specifically : a body of persons opposing something
  • b often capitalized : a political party opposing and prepared to replace the party in power

This past Friday I was listening to Mark Levin on the way home from work and he was describing how destructive Obamacare is and how it will forever fundamentally transform America.  He said the following in his opening segment.

Obamacare is devouring our society and our healthcare system and the majority of Republicans aren’t doing anything about it. They should be fighting to our political death over Obamacare and what it is eventuality going to lead to. Obamacare will change forever the relationship between the government and the citizen and it’s only to get worst as the IRS now says they will begin adding taxes to families for healthcare.

Mr. Levin brought up a point I have touched on before; where’s the opposition party?  Think about this, if the Republicans in Washington are so strongly against Obamacare and they know how destructive it is then why have they continued to fund it?  After the underhanded way it was passed with all arm twisting, backdoor deals, and procedural chicanery you would think the Republicans would feel justified with not funding a program that is going to wreak havoc on our health care system and change the relationship between the government and its citizens.  In fact the more we find out about Obamacare the uglier it gets and the opposition party has given up.  They’re not even fighting any more to bring an end to this transformational program that will destroy the relationship between doctor and patient and diminish the quality of care we receive in the future.

Three years ago when the Republicans were swept into office and took control of the House they had their opportunity while the iron was hot to defunded Obamacare; but they didn’t.  We all fell for the repeal Obamacare mantra the Republicans used as their battle cry in 2010. Then when the people gave them the power to do something about Obamacare what did they do with it?  They symbolically voted to repeal it to keep face, knowing full well their act would accomplish nothing and go nowhere. So instead of stopping Obamacare by defunding it they used it as a political hot button issue for the 2012 elections.  They had hoped fear of Obamacare would increase their numbers in the House and propel them to victory in the Senate and the Presidency.  It failed miserably and John Boehner shortly after the election stated Obamacare was now the law of the land.  He announced to America that the opposition party that still held the House was giving up on repealing Obamacare.  Basically this means there is no longer any opposition in Washington to it.

This is why I will not vote for any incumbent in the next election.  There is no opposition party in Washington that represents my conservative values and views anymore.  Both Democrats and Republicans are in it together and they’re using our differences to pit us against each other while they increase their power and control over us.  How do I know this?  Just look at Obamacare.  Obamacare isn’t about improving health care or reducing the costs.  It’s about power and control and everyone in Washington knows this.  The Republicans have the power of the purse and can defund this monster anytime and yet they do nothing.  So this tells me that the Party that stands for limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty has left the building leaving us true conservatives with no opposition to represent us in Washington.  And with no opposition to balance out the prevailing big government mindset in Washington, liberty and freedom will be lost forever.  So why do we continue to reelect the phony politicians if they’re not going to oppose liberty stealing policies and the expansion of government?  Because sadly so many know not what they do when they head to the polling stations on Election Day.  And I’m not sure how we fix it.  Enough of my rant, now on to the LINKs.

Below are links to outstanding conservative articles.  Please take the time to hit them and when you’re there hit their tip jars.  These good people bring you the truth every day and work hard to make sure you’re the most dangerous constituent out there; an informed constituent.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the links.

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Thanks for all the great articles.  As always keep up the great work!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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