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Rand Paul: Standing on principle!

rand_paul.siFinally someone in Washington is standing up for our constitution and our individual rights it protects and it’s damn refreshing to see.  Senator Rand Paul has had enough of a President who appears more than willing to shred the constitution by not restricting the use of drones on American citizens on U.S. soil. After receiving a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder that hinted at the possibility of using a drone to kill Americans inside the United States Rand Paul decided to take his case to the floor of the Senate and filibuster President Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan until he receives an assurance from the White House that drones would not be used against American citizens on U.S. soil.

Holder struggled to give a straight forward answer when questioned by Senator Ted Cruz on the constitutionality of killing American citizens with drones on U.S. soil.  Rand Paul stated; “No one politician should be allowed to judge the guilt, to charge an individual, to judge the guilt of an individual and to execute an individual. It goes against everything that we fundamentally believe in our country.

It does go against everything we believe in as a nation.  Just as gun control and TSA agents illegally searching you without probable cause at the airports fundamentally goes against what we are about as a nation.  In the end this old school style filibuster is healthy.  It’s much healthier for our nation than 12 Republican Senators having dinner with the President to discuss the way forward.  And the longer it lasts, the more attention it attracts.  And this is the last thing Washington politicians want.  Filibusters are the ultimate in transparency and this is something that makes the political elite in Washington uncomfortable.  I applaud Mr. Paul for standing on principle and for our constitution.  He is showing a level of courage you just don’t see in Washington these days.  Now if we only had 60 million Americans who believed just as strongly in our constitution and our individual rights as Rand Paul America would be in a much better place today.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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