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Senator Ted Cruz schools Senator Feinstein like a sixth grader

Every now and then we get to see the true face of liberalism and yesterday we got a rare glimpse of it in Senator Dianne Feinstein’s response to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s question about the constitutionality of a gun ban imposed by the federal government.  Below is the clip of that exchange.

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Senator Feinstein might not be a sixth grader but she was sure schooled like one yesterday.  And like a sixth grader who has failed to do their homework she was woefully unprepared for Senator Cruz’s quiz.  And when you’re not prepared for a quiz you panic.  Yesterday Senator Feinstein lost her cool  and resorted to the same old tactics of the left when the facts are working against them.  You make an emotional appeal to the crowd regardless of the facts.  However once you get past the emotional rant and listen to what she said you will see she has very little respect for the constitution and doesn’t believe it limits the government’s powers.  After all they know what’s best for us. What do Americans need with these weapons?  Why do they need military style weapons?  I mean Senator Feinstein comes from a different place and wants us to respect her opinion even when doesn’t respect ours.  It was not a good day for the Senator and Senator Dick Durbin had to jump in and try to save her.  He ended up saying the most disturbing thing in the entire clip when he stated that our rights protected by the constitution are not “absolute.”   This is what the left is and let me tell you when you see it like this it’s a scary thing.  And the only way these people get away with this garbage is with an uninformed electorate.

I’ll leave you with Joshua Boston’s letter to Senator Feinstein.


We do indeed deserve better than Dianne Feinstein.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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