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Let me say this one more time…John Boehner must go

How would most conservatives answer these two questions?  Do you trust President Obama?  Is there an immediate debt crisis?  I believe most conservatives would answer the first question with either a NO or the President hasn’t done anything to gain my trust.  Now on to the second question.  Most conservatives in the real world are smart enough to realize that if we’re at the point of printing money out of thin air (QE4ever) to make up the difference that revenues do not cover in terms of government spending then our debt crisis is indeed an immediate one.  Now listen to how Speaker of the House John Boehner answered both questions on ABC’s This Week.

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Speaker Boehner believes he has an open and honest relationship with the President and absolutely trust him.  Is this guy living on planet X?  How can you have an open and honest relationship that leads to absolute trust with an individual who stands against almost everything you believe in?  You may have a professional or standoffish relationship with a person like this; but an open and honest that leads to absolute trust? Really?  Maybe the truth is both Boehner and Obama do have more in common than they’re letting on.  Everything we see when they go after each other is nothing more than political theater for each party’s base.

When we were heading off the fiscal cliff back in January I wrote that I believed a deal to raise taxes was struck behind close doors with Obama long before it became a crisis.  The end results were Obama got what he wanted with Boehner’s help; higher tax rates on the wealthy.  On March 6th the House approved H.R. 933, the Department of Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013 without even considering defunding Obamacare. So again the Republicans have allowed Obamacare to live when they have the power to defund it.  This has been pattern of this House under Mr. Boehner and it’s only going to get worse if he remains as Speaker. 

Now for fiscal and liberty loving conservatives Boehner’s reign as Speaker has been a colossal failure and the above comments only confirms what they already know about the man; he’s not really all that conservative.  And as long as he remains in a position of leadership in the Republican Party don’t expect conservative principles to be advanced.  Expect the continued advancement of the liberal agenda and for Obama to continue to get what he wants.  The national debt will continue to rise as we steal our children’s future from them to fund Obama phones. 

John Boehner must go.  It’s that simple.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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