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Countering Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad campaign…

Mayor Bloomberg is a typical statist who believes we the people can not be trusted with self-governance.  That all of our actions must be managed by some governmental agency or policy.  We simply do not know what is best for us, so he’s more than willing to spend his money to run ads that tells us what he thinks is best for us in regards to gun control and background checks and quite frankly I find this insulting and offensive on so many levels.  These ads are to be used to sway or shift public opinion in regards to gun control to the left and that concerns me.  The left is very effective at using propaganda to sway and win the hearts and minds of the uninformed and with each passing day the uninformed continue to grow in numbers in America.  Wayne Lapierre sat down with David Gregory on Meet the Press and discussed Mayor Bloomberg’s plan.

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David seemed a tad bit hostile towards Mr. Lapierre.  That’s the problem with liberals, they don’t want to hear or deal with facts so they block them out and continue to press forward with their objective.  Mr. Gregory’s objective was to make Wayne Lapierre appear out of touch with the American people and unreasonable.  This is why he threw up those poll numbers and questioned whether the NRA was going against the will of the people by not supporting universal background checks. Make no mistake people the left’s war with the NRA and our second amendment rights is on.  They will try to make the unreasonable appear reasonable so you will trade your liberty and rights for a security that can never be attained and that’s the point Mr. Lapierre is trying to make.  No matter how many laws we impose crazy people will not be recognizable in the system and criminals will circumvent the system  You will never be able to prevent another Sandy Hook or Aurora Colorado shooting event.  You can only take steps to minimize the carnage when an event like that happens again in the future.  And those steps require less restrictive gun laws and more people carrying weapons on their person to defend themselves.  The left doesn’t want to acknowledge this even when the facts support it.

Think about this, if one teacher or one person in either of the above shooting events was armed the chances that the shooter would have been taken out before they killed so many increases dramatically.  Those who support gun control cannot wrap their brains around the notion that a responsible armed citizenry is the best defense against these nut jobs.  Instead they see it much like Mayor Bloomberg as a self-governance problem.  That an armed citizenry cannot be trusted and that only government can solve our problems.  This flies in the face of everything our founding fathers believed and fought for during the revolutionary war.  Armed citizens not only helped keep good order in the colonies, but they were essential in defending the colonies against King George’s tyrannical acts.  This is why the founders believed that the people’s right to bear arms was never to be infringed on, because they knew an armed citizenry was essential for a free society to function properly.  It kept the government and people honest with each other.

So how do you counter an ad campaign designed to sway public opinion in favor of gun control? You implement your own ad campaign to show how crucial the right to bear arms is in our society and highlight the positive aspects of it.  You appeal to the need that everyone has when it comes to self-defense in a chaotic world.  That’s how you counter the left and that’s how you win.  The NRA needs to consider this.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Steve Dennis March 25, 2013 at 4:53 AM

    Bloomberg should just stay in New York where he belongs! The left suffered a defeat last week on the assault weapons ban but they are never going to let up and that means we can’t either. They will keep coming until they wear us down and get what they want and we must stay on guard.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Open thread for Sunday, March 24th: The Mercy SeatMy Profile

    • John Carey March 25, 2013 at 9:35 PM

      I’m really getting tired of these statists and their utopia ideas for America. I agree with you when you say the left is going to keep on this until they sway enough voters to their side of the argument. This is why we must fight to secure our rights and advance liberty.
      John Carey recently posted..Countering Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad campaign… My Profile

  • Jim at Asylum Watch March 25, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    How hard is it to understand that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away?
    Jim at Asylum Watch recently posted..Leave Syria To Those Witth Skin In The GameMy Profile

  • LD Jackson March 25, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    The NRA should fight fire with fire. No matter what Bloomberg and company come up with, the NRA should have enough funds on hand to counter with ads that destroy their false argument for stricter gun control. It really shouldn’t even be that hard.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Gay Marriage At The Supreme CourtMy Profile

    • John Carey March 25, 2013 at 9:39 PM

      The question is will the NRA fight back with ads that counter Bloomberg’s ads. I hope so because this is about winning the hearts and minds and also educating the general populace on their rights, protected by the constitution.
      John Carey recently posted..Countering Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad campaign… My Profile