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So you think the tradition of marriage is safe…you won’t after you listen to this

On my way to work this morning I caught the tail end of a segment that I personally found disturbing on the Mike Church show.  Mr. Church was talking about that comments made about the tradition of marriage by an American/Russian journalist name Masha Gessen who is a lesbian and gay activist.  I got to work and wrote down the name so I could research it later.  Below is audio clip I found that relates to this story.  I believe you will find it quite revealing.

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“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change, and again I don’t think it should exist.”

That should tell you enough.

For the most part I’m a live and let live kind of guy…that is until the traditions and institutions that made America great come under attack.  I’ve always held the belief that government should not be in the business of defining marriage.  They need to stay out of matters of the church.  I also don’t believe marriage is a right.  I’m not saying that all same-sex marriage activists feel as Ms. Gessen does.  But I did hear a large number of people in the audience applaud when she said marriage shouldn’t exist and I find that extremely disturbing.  As should you.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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