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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (John Barry edition)


I know that when I was in school the great American Naval hero of the Revolutionary War was John Paul Jones.  We all remember Jones’ famous quote, “I have not yet begun to fight!”  I don’t even recall learning about a Naval Patriot named John Barry.  On this day in 1776 Commander John Barry of the American warship Lexington, captured and took command of the British warship HMS Edward off the Virginia coast.  This was significant because The Revolutionary War was in it early stages and there was a great deal of doubt in the hearts an minds of colonists as to whether the colonies could defeat the strongest Army and Navy in the world.  On this day in 1776 John Barry gave them hope.  Below is some good information about this unsung hero of the Revolutionary War.

Barry served with distinction throughout the American Revolution. At sea, he had continued success with the Lexington. On land, he raised a volunteer force to assist General Washington in the surprisingly successful Trenton, New Jersey, campaign of 1776-77. On May 29, 1781, Barry was wounded while successfully capturing the HMS Atlanta and the HMS Trepassy while in command of a new ship, Alliance. He recovered and successfully concluded the final naval battle of the Revolutionary War with a victory over the HMS Sybylle in March 1783.

Barry’s outstanding career has been memorialized on both sides of the Atlantic. A bridge bearing his name crosses the Delaware River, and Brooklyn, New York, is home to a park named for him. In addition, four U.S. Navy ships and a building at Villanova University carry his name, and statues in his honor stand in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and his birthplace, Wexford, Ireland. On September 13, 1981, President Ronald Reagan declared Commodore John Barry Day to honor a man he called one of the earliest and greatest American patriots, a man of great insight who perceived very early the need for American power on the sea.

H/T This Day in History

Now on to the Links.  Below are links to outstanding conservative/libertarian articles.  Please take some time today to hit the links and visit their sites.  If they have tip jars make sure you hit them because these good people represent the last line of defense in regards to getting out the truth of what’s happening to our beloved country.  They deserve our thanks and gratitude for standing up for liberty and freedom.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL Round at the LINKs.


Naval Patriot John Barry

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America’s Watchtower: The ATF revokes firearm license from the gun shop that sold Adam Lanza’s mother…

ARRA News Service: A Carbon Tax Would Destroy America

Asylum Watch: The Left and the Right Have A common Enemy and Don’t know It

Atlas Shrugs: Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)

Breitbart: Local Grassroots Leaders to RNC: ‘Join Us or Get the Hell out of the Way’

BUNKERVILLE: Military ready to purge Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals?

Catholibertarian: Friday Video Roundup

Capitol Commentary: Longtime Film Critic (and Recent Far Left “Commentator”) Roger Ebert Dies at 70

Conservative Hideout 2.0: 15 Year old Dismantles Gun Control Legislation

COMMON CENTS: Sean Hannity Video: Boomtown2 The Business Of Food Stamps

Doug Ross@Journal: Welcome back, Carter: Labor Force Participation Rate Drops to 1979 Levels…

Eye of Polyphemus: Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

Hot Air: Great news! White House finds new ways to soak the wealthy

I’m a Man | I’m 41: Is the Media Shifting To A Pro-Suicide Position?

iOwnTheWorld: Democrats have doubts about Obamacare too

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Muslim Rapist Wins Court Appeal Citing ‘Cultural Differences’

Laughing Conservative: The Progressive brain — fully mapped

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: MSNBC — All your children are belong to us

Libertas and Latte: “Leverages Tragedy”……Well said, Sheriff

Libertarian Republican: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Brown vs. Shaheen 2014?

Maggie’s Notebook: CSCOPE Teaching Controversy in Texas Grows

Manhattan Infidel: Basketball Coach Fired for Being an Asshole

Moonbattery: More Victims of Anti-Gun Hysteria

Motorcitytimes: NYT Columnist thinks Second Amendment needs ‘clarification’

Nuke’s: Remember this lady?

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Politics et al: Same-Sex Marriage: An Illogical Counterfeit

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Randy’s Roundtable: Picture Of The Day

Restoring Liberty: Colorado Undersheriff Claims DHS, State Police are Targeting Christians

Right Truth: Christians Targeted By US Government

Say Anything Blog: Heidi Heitkamp Announces Support For Gay Marriage

Spellchek: Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduces bill to require gun insurance – time to follow the money

teresamerica: Reince Priebus calls out media for silence on Planned Parenthood’s support of infanticide

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: So Much Misinformation So Little Time To Straighten It Out


The BLAZE: Greg Gutfeld Savages the Left for Embracing Violent Radicals While Mocking Gun Owners

The Camp Of The Saints: IdiotSpotting – Barry And Guns

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THE OTHER McCAIN: Bill Schmalfeldt’s Very Bad Idea

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

THE rightscoop: 12 Republicans now backing Rand Paul’s threat to filibuster Senate gun-control legislation

The TexasFred Blog: A rare Republican, Sen. Collins remains optimistic

Theo Spark: Join Allen West in Standing Up for the Next Generation

TOTUS: Obama Brain Initiative

Virgina Right: Democratic Party of Va Defends Pedophilia – These are SICK PEOPLE Folks!

WARD WORLD: Cardinal Dolan: We’re not in the business of being “in touch” with popular opinion

What Would The Founders Think: That Was Fun – Let’s Do It Again

WESTERN HERO: Gay Marriage and the Life of Julia

WyBlog: Unemployment “falls” to 7.6%, meanwhile Obamaville now boasts a population of 90 million

Zilla of the Resistance: Under the Fedora: Showers, Culture & Ebert

USS Lexington

USS Lexington

Thanks for picking up my slack and writing these outstanding articles.  Have a great week,

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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