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The Boston Bombings: Don’t let evil steal our liberties…

Boston BombingYesterday marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War when British Regulars marched on the towns of Lexington and Concord to impose England’s will on the colonists in 1775.  The British goals were to arrest Patriot Leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock and capture the stores of munitions in Concord.  Many colonists viewed this as a direct and immediate threat to their liberties and freedom.  After years of having their concerns ignored by the Crown and the British Parliament the colonists had finally decided enough was enough.  They were no longer going to stand idly by and allow the Crown to alter their way of life.  It was time to send a message and it was citizens soldiers (Militia) that sent it on that day.  It was the shot that was heard around the world.

Patriot’s Day is a Massachusetts holiday commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord that took place on 19 April 1775. Residents and tourist visit historic Lexington and Concord and Minute Man National Historical Park to watch reenactments of the battles and celebrate the day.  Patriot’s Day also falls on the day of the Boston Marathon.  This Patriot’s Day our liberties and freedoms were once again attacked, this time by two cowards who sought to alter our way of life.  Their heinous murderous acts terrorized the entire Boston Community for a week.  Their reign of terror was brought to an end yesterday when the combined efforts of citizens and local and federal law enforcement led to the capture of the last bombing suspect.  Last night Bostonians celebrated the end of this terrible ordeal.

The question is where do we go from here?  Could we have prevented this act of terror?  If so what did we miss?  Do we alter our way of life and trade more of our liberties for a perceived security?  Or do we accept the notion that these are the risks we must live with in a free society?  My main fear is that we will knee jerk react to this and trade off the very things our Founding Fathers fought to secure for us…our liberties.  This is not a solution that any American should be willing to live with.  Liberties are far too precious to just give them away.  If we do trade off our liberties for some sort of perceived security that may or may not solve anything, then these two punks who bombed civilians in Boston win again.   I do believe there are security templates other nations currently use that we can implement here that would definitely enhance our ability to identify and thwart future acts of terrorism.  Israel lives under the threat of terrorism each day and they have a remarkable record of preventing such acts from occurring.  What are they doing that we should be doing?  What can we extract from their template and use?  These in my opinion are real solutions that make sense.  However our greatest obstacle in getting anything productive done in this arena is our politicians.

Politicians use events like the Boston bombings to either advance an agenda or make themselves look good.  This means their proposed solutions tend to be geared towards perception and feel good solutions and not reality.  For them perception is reality and if they can sell us on the perception their peddling no matter how empty then they will.  In the end nothing will be solved.  What we need are real solutions and those solutions are already out there.  So let’s look at how democratic nations deal with potential terrorist acts on a daily basis and find out what they’re doing.  It’s not rocket science.  However politicians will try to convince you it is.

I’m not about giving these terrorist another victory by surrendering our liberties.  If we do then everything that Patriot’s Day represents is lost.  Everything we cherish is lost.  Freedom is lost.  Liberty is lost.  And in the end terrorism will win again.  Like the colonists we should view this attack as a direct and immediate threat to our liberties and freedom.  We should not stand idly by and allow these cowards to alter our way of life.  We should do everything in our power enhance our security while preserving the liberties we have left.  Don’t let evil steal our liberties.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Steve Dennis April 20, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    Great post John! I have to say that while everything worked out well yesterday I am upset with the way it was handled. There was basically Marshall Law imposed on Bostonians and the police engaged in house to house searches without any warrants and I am afraid a precedent may have been set yesterday that is very dangerous moving forward. The talk now is going to be about more video cameras and drones and I think the focus should be on our immigration policy instead.
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    • John Carey April 21, 2013 at 7:31 AM

      I was listening to Mike Church and he expressed the same concern about the lock down of Boston and the door to door search. Maybe it was necessary to ensure public safety or maybe they stepped over the line in regards to liberties. I just to know. Either way how we go forward now will tell a great deal how we feel about liberty. Does it matter anymore?
      John Carey recently posted..The Boston Bombings: Don’t let evil steal our liberties…My Profile

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