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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Images from the week edition)


It was a tough week for America.  Three major events occurred in the span of a few days.  From the Boston Bombings to the Ricin attack on our elected officials Americans have been glued to the news.  Today I’ve decide that instead of a great deal of commentary on the events I would let the pictures tell the tale.  This week’s Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs is dedicated to all the people touched in some way by the terrible events of the past week.  We are Americans.  We are strong.  We will heal.  And we will move forward.  God Bless all the first responders and God Bless America.


A Conservative Teacher: For Shame! Democrats Ruin Opportunity to Pass Meaningful Legislation…

Ace of Spades: On The Second Amendment and Presidential Anger

Adrienne’s Corner: Did Obama really say this?…

American Glob: PJTV On The Media And Kermit Gosnell

American Perspective: Are You Part of the Gun Violence Solution? (pic)

America’s Watchtower: Bill Maher slams guest for comparing Islamic violence to Christanity

ARRA News Service: 42 House Republicans oppose controversial Labor Nominee

Asylum Watch: “China and North Korea: A Tangled Partnership”

Atlas Shrugs: Obama’s Epic Intel Failure: Jihad in America

Breitbart: Schumer, Graham Battle to Save Immigration Bill After Boston Terror

blogsense-by-barb: Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole … Again

BUNKERVILLE: Obama and his tinkering with Miranda Rights

Catholibertarian: Pius XII and the Holocaust

Capitol Commentary: The Leftist Media’s Epic Fail on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Conservative Hideout 2.0: A Documentary on Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his  “House of Horrors


COMMON CENTS: Wow! Bruins-Sabres National Anthem

Doug Ross@Journal: The Gang of Eight’s Immigration Deception

Eye of Polyphemus: The Three Stooges–An Ache in Every Stake

Fuzzy Logic: Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the “TEA Party Terrorist”

Hot Air: 8th grader suspended, arrested for wearing NRA shirt


I’m a Man | I’m 41: Boston Bomber’s Mosque Linked to Muslim Brotherhood

iOwnTheWorld: BENGHAZI: Whistleblowers Emerge

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Speech Lessons for the Lapdog Media!!

Laughing Conservative: Obama Meltdown [1] Losing control of Middle East policy

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Boston lock-down exposes gun culture divide


Libertas and Latte: This is what we get with a disarmed society

Libertarian Republican: Neil Diamond leads Boston crowd at Fenway…

Liberty at Stake: Drama-Queen-In-Chief Throws Hissy Fit

Maggie’s Notebook: Glenn Beck Says Saudi National Bad Bad Bad Man

Manhattan Infidel: FBI Releases Photos of Suspects in Boston Bombing

Texas plant-explosion-texas

Moonbattery: Cowboys and Communists

Motorcitytimes: College fires professor who forced students to sign pledge to vote for Obama

NoOneOfAnyImport: Why the Media Blackout on Gosnell?

Nuke’s: What difference would it make?

Pirate’s Cove: Bummer: Global Movement To Reduce Carbon Intensity Has Flat-Lined

Texas fertilizer-plant-after-an-explosion-at-the-plant-in-the-town-of-west-near-waco

Politics et al: After Action Report-Boston

Political Clown Parade: The Word Most Linked To “Chechen” Is “Terrorist”

Political Realities: Dzokhar Tsarnaev – Read Him His Rights

Proof Positive: “I Think We Can Coexist Better If One of Us is Dead”

Randy’s Roundtable: Reverend Al Runs Intereference For Jihad


Restoring Liberty: GOP Senators Say Constitution Doesn’t Apply to Bombing Suspect

Right Truth: The Nonsense of Innocence

Say Anything Blog: NDGOP Brags Up Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Spellchek: Did the FBI have prior knowledge of the Boston Marathon bombings?

teresamerica: ChurchMilitantTV: God Made the Animals


Texas Conservative News: Majority of Law Enforcement Disagree with Obama on Gun Control

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Oklahoma Dentist Possibly Infected Dozens Of Patients With Disease


The BLAZE: Dianne Feinstein Prefers Massive Police Presence to Individuals With Assault Rifles

The Camp Of The Saints: Boston Terrorist Attack Aftermath: Best Tweets

Texas Plant_Explosion_Texas_John_t607

The Classic Liberal: theCL Report: So You Trust The Government, Eh?

The Country Thinker: The Texas Stabbing Tragedy and Knife Liability Insurance

The Daley Gator: Oh, those nutty Leftists

The Foundry: Why Mexico’s Education Reforms Are Important

The Lonely Conservative: Were The Tsarnaev Brothers Part Of A Larger Sleeper Cell

Ricin article-2310533-195A2B29000005DC-514_634x424


The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

THE rightscoop: From the Sheriff’s stoop; some further observations

The TexasFred Blog: Gun control backers: Senate defeat won’t stop us

Theo Spark: Earth Day’s Big Lie


TOTUS: How a real President would deal with Radical Muslims!


WARD WORLD: Alleged Photo Of Bombing Suspect’s Corpse (GRAPHIC)

What Would The Founders Think: Defining Deviancy Down

WESTERN HERO: There are No Answers

Ricin US_Ricin_full_600

WyBlog: RINO Chris Christie tries to out-demagogue the Democrats on gun control

Zilla of the Resistance: Under the Fedora: Boston Gosnell & Doctors

Thanks for all the excellent articles.  This has been a very trying week for America and you good people stayed focus and on course.  Have a great week.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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