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In Times of Crisis, People Turn on the News, and Avoid MSNBC


When something terrible happens, people turn to the news. But, it appears that MSNBC is not the place to which to turn. During last week’s Boston Marathon Bombing crisis. People turned to the news. However, it was FOX, and to a lesser degree, CNN, that viewers trusted. MSNBC was not in the equation. Newsbusters has more… shared data Friday (through Thursday):


FNC: 1,647,000 total viewers (421,000 in the demo)

CNN: 1,048,000 total viewers (403,000 in the demo)

MSNBC: 515,000 total viewers (162,000 in the demo)


FNC: 2,783,000 total viewers (682,000 in the demo)

CNN: 1,619,000 total viewers (674,000 in the demo)

MSNBC: 975,000 total viewers (333,000 in the demo)

So MSNBC garnered roughly one third the total day viewers of Fox, and half of CNN.

The station also got trounced in the all important demographic of 25-54 year olds and demolished in primetime.

Yes, it seems that the leftist propaganda network is quickly abandoned when people want actual information.

In another development, FOX has finally surpassed CNN as the go to channel for breaking news stories. Since the First Gulf War, CNN gained a reputation for covering breaking news. According to Breitbart, that has been broken by FOX…

While CNN is beating MSNBC this week, Fox is now crushing both, and doing so during the seismic news event involving the first successful terrorist attack directed at civilians on American soil since 2001. This kind of story used to be CNN’s bread and butter.

No more.

This ratings dynamic isn’t likely to change anytime soon, either. Since the debacle that occurred on CNN Monday afternoon with the dramatic misreporting that arrests in the Boston bombings had been made, CNN’s “Big News” brand has only been further tarnished. Between blowing the ObamaCare ruling and being caught red-handed pushing for stricter gun control, CNN is now something of a laughingstock on the right and the left.

Throughout the week, in fact, thanks to a countless number of small blunders, CNN has been facing the kind of ridicule media watchers used to reserve for Fox.

As far as MSNBC being able to handle the kind of hard news that comes with a terror attack, other than Chuck Todd, almost all of the left-wing network’s usual anchors — Toure, Alex Wagner, Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, etc. — have seemed way over their heads this week. The only time the network has avoided an unsettling Bugsy Malone vibe is when NBC reporters like Pete Williams stop by.

In other words, are people starting to see through the lies? Are they starting to realize that CNN, and especially MSNBC are nothing more than propaganda outlets? Time will tell.


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