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Once again the lamestream media buries the Benghazi story

Once again the lamestream media is doing its part to bury the Benghazi story.  When it comes to this administration and Hillary Clinton they’re all in and will do whatever is necessarily to protect both.  The other day on his radio show, Mark Levin called them the Praetorian media after the Roman Emperor’s personal bodyguards called the Praetorian Guard.  Their function is much like the Praetorian Guard of ancient Rome; protect the emperor at all cost.  Bernie Goldberg does an excellent job breaking this down in the below clip.

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Mr. Goldberg nailed it when he said, “Because there are Millions and millions and millions of Americans who are like babies who like to follow shiny objects. These people don’t care about Benghazi…”  The uninformed voter strikes again and this is a major problem in America.  Because a majority of people don’t care about Benghazi this administration will get away with their cover-up and none of this will touch Hillary.  Today this is the America that most people can live with.  And this is why we’re in decline.  Nothing will change until people wake up and right now there are no signs of this happening anytime soon.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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