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Economist Pete Morici: “The President sets a terrible standard by his own conduct.”

Economist Pete Morici was on Fox and Friends yesterday morning and ripped President Obama and his administration for the “know nothing” narrative they’re trying to push in regards to the three major scandals enveloping them.  He stated that the President has set a terrible standard by his own conduct.  Check out the below clip.

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Leaders in any organization set the tone through example and their enforcement or non-enforcement of the standards.  When a leader’s example sets a terrible tone in an organization this is this tone their mid to lower level managers will feed off of.  They will have their template as a model for all their actions.  President Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party.  He has set the tone for the Party and that tone has been extremely negative and combative towards any political opposition.  Members of his party take their cue from his tone.

This explains why seven Democratic Senators led by Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned the IRS back in 2012 that if they didn’t crack down on political groups that were improperly claiming tax-exempt status they would introduce legislation to force their hand.  We now know what this meant.  Was it enough to swing an election?  Maybe.  However this action by these Senators happened because of the tone set by the Democratic Party leader (President Obama).

Over the last few weeks as these scandals have unfolded we have learned a great deal about our government under this administration.  We have the IRS using the power we the people entrusted to them to suppress political opposition.  We have a Department of Justice secretly seizing the phone records of Associated Press reporters and an Attorney General of the United States claiming he had nothing to do with it.  And finally we have Benghazi and the editing of talking points by someone or some agency yet to be named.

All these major scandals have three things in common.  The first is a breakdown in discipline on all three fronts.  When discipline breaks down in any organization standards no longer matter.  Rules no longer matter.  And in this instance for two out of the three scandals the constitution no longer matters.  The second thing that all these scandals have in common is the President was either out of the loop or can’t talk about it.  Our consulate was attacked in Benghazi and our President was…well know one really knows where he was for sure.  The one place he wasn’t that night was in the situation room.  Our IRS was suppressing political opposition using the tax code and the President didn’t know anything about it.  And finally the super secret operation that seized the phone records of AP journalists…well this is an ongoing DOJ investigation that the President and Attorney General can’t talk about.  And finally the third thing they all have in common is that all the agencies that these scandals are coming out of fall under the President of the United States.  And he knew nothing.  That simply will not do.

The President needs to be held accountable.  He is the CEO of America and we the people are the stakeholders.  We hired him in a temporary position to do a job and he has failed to do.  Whether through dereliction of duty, not fulfilling the responsibilities of his office, or outright incompetence this President has failed the stakeholders he works for.  We can no longer turn a blind eye to the terrible standards this man has set.  We must start thinking about the kind of America we want to pass on to the next generation and this President should not be a part of that conversation.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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