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I think President Obama’s team watched this “How To” video

Yesterday the President announced it’s time to narrow the scope of the drone campaign against al Qaeda and its allies, close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and oh yeah bring an end to the 12 year “war on terror”.  Quite the round up of controversial topics to bring up from an administration that’s up to its arm pits in three major scandals.  One might think they are trying to change the subject.  Perhaps the President’s team has watched the below “How To” video.

YouTube Preview Image

By the looks of it Jay Carney may have watched this video.  He has practiced these techniques more than a few times during his daily White House press briefings.  Or you can take the direct approach by invoking your 5th amendment right during a hearing in which the subject pertains to the IRS targeting conservative groups.  This direct approach will guarantee the subject will change, from investigating the acts of an agency to investigating the actions of the official who invoked this right.

Anyway the point is they’re desperate to talk about anything but these scandals.  So expect in the coming weeks a variety of off-the-wall and controversial topics being tossed out by the administration to distract the people from the real stories.  And trust me the mainstream media is waiting for the opportunity to serve the President again.  In their eyes the sooner they can convince the public that these scandals are yesterday’s news the faster they can get back to their number one priority; protecting the President and Hillary.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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